Free Poems - Written at Age 15 by Anna V. Williams

Free Poems - Written at Age 15


Untouched, unfelt, unheard, unseen,
Unlived, unlearned, unloved, unbeen,
I've wandered lonely in the night.
I've felt my footsteps turn in fright.
I've cried out singing, to the stars.
I've felt the light that beauty mars.

Reddened rainbows in the sun
Meant my worlds, and yet, not one.
Shattered dreams about my feet;
Shattered dreams incomplete.

As I pondered through the mountains,
I have met the crystal fountains.
I have seen the moonlight shining.
I have watched the stars refining.
Stumbling, broken, bare of glory,
I have watched the angel's story.
Weak and injured, cold and crying,
I have felt the joy of flying.
Running hopeless through the grasses,
I have watched as springtime passes.
Kneeling, pining, pained and frozen,
Happy fantasies were chosen.
Wishes of the seas and flowers
Overrode the burning powers.
Frozen scars draw great and nigh,
Yet believing holds us high.

Beaten, torn, however shattered,
Dreams are what, to hearts, have mattered.
To the ocean or the sky roam.
Keep within the sacred dream home.
When the stars have lost their last light,
Dreams alone will light the midnight.

Written by Anna Williams at age 15
Free Poems
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Anna, you've been heard. my heart goes out to you.


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