Free Poems - Written at Age 22

Free Poems - Written at Age 22

Blue and Bright

I have a quiet dream
I keep inside of me,
I found it in a stream
That glitters through the trees.

And when I make a promise
To set somebody free,
And then I frighten them away,
My dream still stays with me.

I have little dream...
Its warm and blue and bright,
And when I have to sleep alone,
It sleeps with me at night.

And even when my toes are cold,
It warms my heart inside.
And when I'm sad because you sold
Your power for your pride...

It tell my heart it shouldn't hurt.
It won't agree with me.
I look across the ocean
As far as I can see...

For far away, somebody sighs
And wonders where I am...
And I would feel alone if I
Held no dream in my hand.

Written by Anna Williams at Age 22

Free Poems

The Desert

Many men wander
A desert of thunder.
What lies beyond her
They waveringly wonder.

They stare at the sky,
And they finger their hearts,
Imagining why
The world fell apart,

Remembering when
The universe died,
And they pretend
To be sleeping inside.

Men of the mountains
Look to the waves,
Cold in their consciousness,
Still in their graves.

Many men wander
A desert of death.
They gaze beyond her,
Holding their breath.

Far from the land
That the darkest skies cry on,
Red mountains stand
In a world the winds sigh on.

In an abyss
Lined with crumbling black stone,
Crystal creeks glisten,
And whisper, alone.

Out across space,
Where you danced once, defiantly,
There is a place,
And it waits for you, quietly ...

Written by Anna Williams at Age 22

Free Poems

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