Free Poems - Written at Age 2o

Free Poems - Written at Age 20


Two thousand years ago,
Close to the sea,
I lit a candle
Under a tree.

I watched your words, and I
Followed your eyes,
Bathed in their promises
Barren of lies.

Something you spoke about
Faith, or a prayer,
A dream, a belief, a hope...
Breathless like air.
For two thousand years, it has
Carried my heart
Beyond sunsets and sorrows...
Lifetimes apart.

I have grown tired...
Kept alive by a prayer.
Two thousand years have gone;
Now faith is rare.

Now faith is forced. It's not meant
To be and
You can know about something
You don't understand.

You gave me a faith, and it
Still lives in me,
That one distant day bore
A chance to be free.

Two thousand years passed by,
Speckled with magic,
Sometimes too tired to cry,
Sometimes too tragic.

Two thousand years ago,
Far from my home,
I followed your footprints
And left you in Rome.

(Dedicated to two friends.)

Written by Anna Williams at age 20
Free Poems


writerwoman said...

Adore the last two stanzas! How bittersweet.

crimsonflaw said...

beautiful...i love the flow and the sadness it measures out into the last few stanzas.

mariacristina said...

It's sad she lost her faith, but at twenty she might embrace a new fath to nourish her soul. A talented writer at a very young age.

Funeral Readings said...

Magnificent poem. Great job!


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