Rules for Using or Copying Free Poems from this Blog

You may use my poems for free if you follow these rules:

Rules Regarding the Use of my Poetry (poetry by Anna Vera Williams):

1. If you would like to post one of my poems on your website or blog, for non-commercial purposes, you must obtain permission first. In order to obtain permission, please do the following:

a. First contact me and tell me the URL where you will publish the poem.

b. Copy the poem exactly, including the author name and the links at the bottom of the poem. (You must include a link to this blog, which must be an actual clickable link to the blog.)

c. You can not put the poem on any illegal site, nor on any site with pornography, hate, racism, etc.

2. Whether you want to use one poem or more, please get permission first, for each poem you will use.

3. If you want to use one of my poems for any other purpose (other than online non-commercial) please get my permission first.

4. You can read my poems for free.

5. You can share my poems with others by referring them to this blog.

Rules Regarding the Use of Poetry by Other Authors on this Blog:

1. Read the terms of use that accompany the poem and follow these instructions.

2. If anything is unclear or uncertain, please contact me.

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