Free Poems - Written at Age 30

Free Poems - Written at Age 30

There are Men

There are men who travel far
To lands where none have been,
There are men who live for war,
And men who worship sin.

There are men who conquer nations,
There are men who pray;
And there are men who seek salvation
— Many men are they.

There are men who travel space,
Or fathom foreign seas,
And there are men who claim their place
In books of history…

There are woman, fare of face
To make the mountains sigh;
Who wrap the universe in grace
And make their lovers cry;

There are poets, painters, kings,
There are men of fame…
There are men who do great things,
And men of noble name.

And many are the men who write
Of tales and tragedies;
And any are the men who fight
Or sail the astral seas …

And there are men who brandish knives
So many men are these!
But few, who dedicate their lives,
To setting people free.

Written by Anna Williams at age 31
Free Poems


RomanceWriter said...

Love it! I could read it over and over.

writerwoman said...

I did a post about you at Poets Who Blog.

Anna said...

Wow - thanks guys. I have been so busy I have neglected my blogs for a while and it is great to get these comments out of the blue. Thanks.

Lioness said...

It's great! Speaks about the past and present world. I like it!

Anonymous said...

Love this poem soo much decided to memorize it for school and got first in my class!!!

Anna said...

@ Anonymous

Thank you for leaving that comment! It really makes me smile. I'm glad you liked my poem and honored that you chose it for your class.


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