I published my Mongol Journal!

Mongol Journal

(Click here to see the Mongol Journal in hardcover)

(Click here to see the Mongol Journal in softcover)

Okay ... I think I finally did it। I published my Mongol Journal (you can see it
here ). The book is made from the journal and letters I wrote when I was traveling alone through Mongolia by horse (and hitchhiking) when I was 18. That was 1993! Long time ago.

I have been editting and uneditting and re-editting this book for ages - actually it was written more than a decade ago ... people who were born that year are out of Junior High by now, that's how long it has taken me to finally get around to publishing this book.

So if you still find a typo after all that, all I can say is ... "sorry I'll fix it."

I really hope that somebody will take an interest in this book. It is just everyday Mongolian life through the eyes of an American teenager, but my mother loves it. :)

If you do read it, please feel free to leave feedback. Thanks everybody!


Anonymous said...

hey Anna! I just love how you could do all this when you were little, and this book is amazing! I am Mongolian but I used to live in the city and never rode a horse before. You are so lucky! Im wishing you all the best and good luck!

Anonymous said...

My spouse and I were sent here since this particular internet page has been tweeted by a man I was following and feel pleased I made it here.


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