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Free Poems - Written at Age 26

Free Poems - Written at Age 26


I found your photo
In a box.
It didn't move.
It didn't talk.
And every day,
I looked in vain,
And every day,
It stayed the same.
It didn’t answer me,
Or change.
The lines across
Your face remained
Exactly where
They'd been before.
I hung your picture
On a door,
I lay my memories
On the floor.
I put your picture
On the wall.
You didn't write.
You didn't call.
My stomach burned
My hope grew small.
I couldn't hear
Your voice at all.
And in my dreams
The letters came,
And when I woke
I heard your name.
But the picture
Stayed the same.

Written by Anna Williams at Age 26
Free Poems

Thinking Of Me

I hung up the phone,
And then I went home,
Knowing you were still thinking of me;

I lay down for the night,
And I turned out the light,
But I knew you were thinking of me;

So I lit up a candle
Took a book from the mantle,
And I read of the Antarctic Sea;

And I tried to erase
The imprint of your face
From my tumbling and torn memory.

In the morning I woke.
In my mind your voice spoke,
And I wished you’d forget about me.

And the hours went by,
But as hard as I tried,
I couldn’t stop thinking of thee…

The streets filled with rain,
And I fought with the pain,
Why hadn’t you forgotten me?

The sky filled with thunder,
And I started to wonder,
If you really
Were thinking
Of me.

Written by Anna Williams at Age 26
Free Poems


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