Links to Other Poets and Artists

Links to Other Poetry or Artists' Sites

If you have a poetry or writing website or blog, and would like to have your link appear on this site, please take the following steps:

1. Place a link from your site to Free Poems (or to any post on Free Poems). I will exchange links with related websites/blogs.

General-interest sites are fine, as are sites on writing, poetry, etc. Any other artistic website or blog would also be considered, such as photography or other visual arts. As long as it is not illegal or otherwise objectionable.

2. Contact me either by leaving a comment on this post, or by writing to me through the Contact Form.

(And let me know where you have placed your link.)

3. As soon as I can, I will add your link (as long as it fits the above criteria) and let you know.

4. Additionally, if you would like to exchange links with my other poetry blogs and websites, as well as get more exposure for your poetry, please see the following page for more information:

Thanks for visiting my blog!


Markbnj said...

Hi Anna. Mark Brown here.

Poetry Blog 1:
A place where I've been posting my daily poems"

Poetry Blog 2:
A place You Help ME write the poetry by giving me a topic, a place, and a mood!

My original blog, the Eclectic's blog The Eclectic's Blog
Where I discuss politics, war, peace, and tech issues (I did say I was eclectic, didn't I?

Cheers, and I will put up a link for you too!


wheelchair lifts said...
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Rax said...

Hi Anna, thanks for visiting my site at afterglow :) and for leaving such a kind comment. I have linked your blog there and in my other poetry blog: soul's phantasm. (where I keep my more serious/sad poems) Wow I'm glad I stumbled into your site. There's so many! I especially like the way you arranged them by the age you wrote them. I'll definitely keep coming back :)

Rax said...

hi anna thanks for dropping by my sites :D as for your question, i liked the templates in these sites:


Online Article Writer & SEO. said...


Anna said...

Well, give me some more information. What work would you like to exchange? Do you have a blog or website, and/or do you have a link or work you would like to submit here?

Patrick J. Ronan said...

Dear Anna,
I would like to pur your link on my websites if this is ok with you.
The websites are.

I would also like to put some of your poetry on the following website

Thank you
Patrick J. Ronan

Javi said...

i have this website where people write letters.
honest, beautiful, handwritten letters
it works like an interactive journal.
a po box works as a medium
so that you can write as freely as you want.
share a poem, a love, a fear, an idea, or anything else.

please just take a look, im sure you will like it.

MaryAnn Cleary said...

Hi Anna, I am an artist who has a daily painting blog and I thought it would be interesting to add a daily poem with the painting that I do for that day. I usually paint 4-5 small paintings each week and post them to my blog. This is something that I will do in the future and I am seeking sources of poems that I can use (credit will be given to the author as well as a link).

I would like to post some of your poems if that is ok.


White Rose said...

Hi Anna, I am going to link this page and your poem poem poem page.

Here is a link to my page:

White Rose's Garden

and thanks so much for the kind comment!

Anonymous said...

Hi, great site. I've linked to it at - please link back to my free literature community at - thanks!

Anna said...

Thank you for stopping by the blog. Your link has been added. :)

And thanks to all of the others who have contributed so far.

Ones a crowd said...


Great site. I saw that you do link exchanges. Would be great to my blog up and rolling. My site is and would be more than happy to link your site to mine.



The Bamboo Sea said...

Hi Anna,

We'd like to link your site to ours -
The Bamboo Sea
An online collection of tales, verse and tunes.

Joy and peace,

The Bamboo Sea

firefly said...

Hey anna I didn't fully understand the procedure to put up my link here but I want to do so. My blogging address is where I post in my own poetry and articles related to my perception..thank you!

Asti said...

Hi, I like your blog very much. Please come and visit my blog. And maybe give a piece of advice for my poems (or maybe my blog). It will helps a lot a newbie like me. Thank you ^_^

David said...

Link me from Home of the poetry of David McDonald


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