Publication of Poetry Book by Anna Williams

Hello - this is to let everyone know that I finally published my poetry book. It is titled Some of My Poetry But Not All of It, which is what it is. For more information, you can read the book. :)

You can find it here:

Some of My Poetry But Not All of It

There are a few poems in there which have not yet been published on this blog ...

The Serpents

The Serpents

We are living for a breath of cold.
As we watch the shadows fold
Into olive sands ...

The bays
Of salty waters
Mark our days;
By the ripples,
By the tides.

We come forth limping,
― Leave in strides.

And the heat lays
Like a hound.
The children know
The crooked sounds
Of serpents, lurking like disease
By the banks
Beyond the trees.
There is the dark and endless sea.
There are spirits watching me.

This land robs comfort,
Seethes defeat.
It maims and strengthens,
By the heat
― The heat of hate, the heat of guilt ...
The day I learned that flowers wilt,
I burst and shook,
And cursed the sky.
My feelings died.
I knew not why.

Now we spread no hell, no rain.
Now we live here, free from pain
And stronger, by neutrality --
It shapes our immortality.

None can touch us,
Strike us,
Love us.
None can break
The spell above us.
... None can ever set us free.
We are surrounded by the sea.

Written by Anna Williams at Age 17
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