Free Love Poem or Friendship Poem: Promise

Free Love Poem or Friendship Poem


Dance with me inside a dream
Where red-tipped shadows play.
Sit with me beside a stream
Where silver birches sway

In that same breeze that breathes across
Black jagged mountain rock,
But if you feel compelled to tell
Me promises, don't talk.

Lie with me beneath the sky
While midnight wears away,
Watching shooting stars fly by...
Don't promise me you'll stay.

You speak to me of loyalty.
You say it will not die.
Perhaps you mean no treachery.
Perhaps you do not lie,

But twists in your tomorrows
Or the changes in the air
Can softly sink in sorrows
All the promises you swear...

A promise shines like glass, beneath
The white light of the moon,
And when it breaks, it cuts the heart,
And blood pours from the wound.

So seal your lips, and do not say
The words I've heard before --
That you will never go away...
For I can bear no more.

And if you cast me, like a cloak
Of diamond-woven light,
Into the boundless black expanse
Of the eternal night,

And eons later, if you find
And, in the dark, retrieve me,
This will be your choice. Not mine.
Don't say you'll never leave me.

Written by Anna Williams at Age 22
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Free Love Poem: Tashkurgan

Free Love Poem


In the desert, in October,
All my thoughts were sane and sober.
When I met you it was over.
...You went away, before too long.

I left, the day you disappeared,
To the mountains, sharp and sheer,
Where the air was cold and clear...
I thought I'd lost you; thought you'd gone.

I recall I heard a sound,
You said my name, I turned around,
Long ago, the night you found me,
When you came to Tashkurgan.

I wrapped myself in your embrace,
And while you slept, I watched your face,
Wondering if this was the place
Where I could stay. Where I'd belong.

I recall the night I cried
Because the people said you lied,
And the quiet way you tried
To tell me that it wasn't true;

And in Gulmit, I spoke coldly.
I recall the things you told me.
That night you only came to hold me,
But I was afraid of you.

Days went by, the sky grew white,
You came to me no more at night,
I could not smile, I could not write.
Flames of pain within me burned.

I swore I would drown the embers.
I swore I would not remember.
And I left you, in December.
I swore I would not return.

I recall the things you said.
Your voice was harsh. Your heart was dead.
Songs of sadness filled my head,
And again I was alone.

Years have passed. I feel the same.
I recall the night you came
To Tashkurgan and said my name,
Long before you turned to stone.

In a distant desert town,
I sat on the dusty ground.
I was happy, till you found me,
And my eyes were bright and blue.

When my heart is filled with thunder
In the night, I sometimes wonder
How you tore my world asunder
...Why I still remember you.

Now I read these words you write,
And I lie awake at night,
Wondering if I ever might
Travel back to Tashkurgan.

I recall the day it started,
And the silent way we parted.
I swore I was not broken-hearted -
I imagine I was wrong.

Written by Anna Williams at Age 22
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Free Love Poem or Friendship Poem: Unlike

Free Love Poem or Friendship Poem


Unlike a lightless chasm,
No deep mystery to fathom.
What I may or may not feel
Is un-vital. Hardly real.
Yet you are. More than the rest.
I love you all. Or do my best.
In a world I longed to find
With all my blue moons left behind
On the far side of the earth.
- The stars, perhaps, have greater worth
Watched from that side of the sky -
If you could dream. If you could fly …
I wanted to believe you knew
Of love or tears. Or wanted to.
Perhaps you do. Or more than most.
Perhaps you pray beside my ghost.

A half a year before the dawn
Perhaps you, like a child, were drawn
To love, to motion, saving grace.
You saw a world within her face
And held an ocean in her eyes ?
Bathed in drama and disguise.
Yet feelings fade from touch in time.
Years are heavy; and heavier, crime.
They weigh upon a starving heart.
They tear your dreams and life apart
To scattered fragments rough as glass
And lie till innocence might pass
Like unclothed feet, unguarded, frail,
Un-callused … till there is a wail,
Beginning, very quietly
From deep within a cold anxiety …
Calluses can be acquired.
With leaps from canyons lit with fire.
And starving hearts learn not to be.
Drowning eyes learn not to see.

Young and strong and free at last
From pain. And growing far too fast,
Yet not too young to have a past.
I never speak about it here
I seldom voice a hidden fear
Or whisper to the quiet stars
Or weep for all that beauty mars
Or whistle by the amber mountains,
In search of purple salt-less fountains.
Listen far across the hills
And barefoot by the mountain rills
For a faint and distant sigh.
Torn by time, and death. And lies.
If you glance within your heart
You may tear your life apart.
You may justify your sin …
Search for angel dust within.
It may kill. It may heal.
The treasures of the sky grow real.
Break away mid earth and fire.
Give to glory’s deep desire.
In the frail moments of youth,
Every lie breathes unwashed truth.
Naught matters past reality,
Hard, correct and fancy-free.
You can sing false pleasure’s hue.
You can pierce me through and through.
Draw a blood drop from my eye,
Make me love you, make me cry …
Still I remain, as light friends tend,
Yet the same, unscathed, unbent,
But hardened for the next hard mile,
To the next unfamiliar smile,
And trust it not, as children would.
Though, God knows, how I wish I could.

For I am taught. And taught by thee.
Enlightened in reality.
With little left to do but pray
For the dim and distant day
When naught is yearned or questioned why
But the clouds who roam the sky.

Written by Anna Williams at Age 17
Prague, Czechoslovakia
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Free Love Poem: Fusion

Free Love Poem


Starlight, scientists have stated,
Is only glows, heat rays created
When two small unseen specks collide,
Becoming one. They haven't lied.
For you and I can see the truth
That stars are made of pure-breathed youth.
Two tiny heartbeats, yours and mine,
Merge, unite, and make the stars shine.

Written by Anna Williams at age 15
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Free Love Poem: Thinking of Me

Free Love Poem

Thinking Of Me

I hung up the phone,
And then I went home,
Knowing you were still thinking of me;

I lay down for the night,
And I turned out the light,
But I knew you were thinking of me;

So I lit up a candle
Took a book from the mantle,
And I read of the Antarctic Sea;

And I tried to erase
The imprint of your face
From my tumbling and torn memory.

In the morning I woke.
In my mind your voice spoke,
And I wished you’d forget about me.

And the hours went by,
But as hard as I tried,
I couldn’t stop thinking of thee…

The streets filled with rain,
And I fought with the pain,
Why hadn’t you forgotten me?

The sky filled with thunder,
And I started to wonder,
If you really
Were thinking
Of me.

Written by Anna Williams at Age 26
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Free Love Poem or Friendship Poem: Box

Free Love Poem or Friendship Poem


I found your photo
In a box.
It didn't move.
It didn't talk.
And every day,
I looked in vain,
And every day,
It stayed the same.
It didn’t answer me,
Or change.
The lines across
Your face remained
Exactly where
They'd been before.
I hung your picture
On a door,
I lay my memories
On the floor.
I put your picture
On the wall.
You didn't write.
You didn't call.
My stomach burned
My hope grew small.
I couldn't hear
Your voice at all.
And in my dreams
The letters came,
And when I woke
I heard your name.
But the picture
Stayed the same.

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Free Love Poem or Friendship Poem: Home

Free Love Poem or Friendship Poem

This is another versatile poem. It was written as a friendship poem.


Since I remember you,
Since I can see
A wind blows within you
That blows within me;

Since I still know you...
I finally found you.
A long time ago, you
Wore music around you.

Caught in a spell;
Trapped in time, tied
You've gone through hell
Since the first day we died.

Before the skies parted
And gave us our youth
To lose...and the world started
We knew the truth.

Life fell apart, and
We learned to forsake...
And made ourselves hearts
For each other to break.

Beauty abused now, but
Blackness ascends
I've grown confused
And forgotten my friends.

I recall when I lived
Only to roam.
All I knew then was I
Searched for my home.

Deep in the desert
Where I watched the sky,
Dancing blue waters
Were lies to my eyes.

Alone 'neath a star
Or asleep in a tree,
I was lost, faded, far...
Now I found you. I'm free.

Before the light faded
Remember the laughter,
The love we created,
Not the Disaster.

The worlds you made loved you,
And they will find you,
For they live within you
They don't lie behind you.

Written by Anna Williams at age 22
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Love Poem or Friendship Poem: Blue Roses

Free Love Poem or Friendship Poem

This poem was not written as a love poem but as a friendship poem. However it could be used for either, if you don't know the story it is based on.

Blue Roses

Long before Autumn,
Long before June,
I sent you blue roses
Beneath a white moon.

Almost six years ago,
Under the sky,
I watched the stars
And I swallowed a sigh.

You spoke of sunshine
And laughter and life...
I remained red-eyed,
Saddened with strife.

The wind of your woes was
As much as I heard.
I sent you two roses
And whispered a word.

My life lived inside me
When your life was near.
And my heart faded
When yours disappeared.

There were spirits inside
Your eyes flickering like fire,
They would rise, and then die,
And then trembling, rise higher.

Alone in the morning,
I stood with the wind.
I stepped out inside me
And silently sinned.

I spoke into the sea.
I woke wondering why
I saw inside me
The whole thundering sky.

I turned, telling none,
Found the hills, flew away
Far from the sun,
And the brilliance of day.

Many years waited,
And I waited longer.
And yet, unabated,
The silence grows stronger.

And violence still flanks
Us for so many years,
Since we last sank
Into ashes and tears.

I try to remember
The sound of the snow
The smells of December
I knew long ago...

I try to see faces
I forsook too fast,
And to believe places
Of faraway pasts

Are not lost forever;
Forgotten, or wrong.
For I prayed I never
Would forget a song.

Six years ago I stood
Under the sky,
Within it no longer
I'd learned not to fly.
I watched you wilting
And tried not to cry.

If you wander, wondering,
After six years,
With all the world's thundering,
Wrapped in your tears,

And if you find me,
Hide deep inside me.
Try to remind me
Of what lives behind me.

If you should meet me
Someday again,
Death won't defeat me
Like it did then.

There's no one who knows us.
And when the dawn's done,
You send the roses,
And I'll send the sun.
Written by Anna Williams at age 22
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Love Poem "From Me"

Free Love Poem

From Me

If you see a sunset, it's me, smiling
From behind it.
If I go away far, and you see a star
If you find it,
I'm inside it.
You can fold it, and hold it forever,
If you hide it.
If our words and worlds sever -- if ever
I lose you;
If two thousand light-years or seven
Confuse you;
Remember me. Here and in Heaven
I'll see you.
I'll be beguiling my filing, still smiling
To see you.
When mountains, magenta and molded
Turn red,
Like you said,
You'll find the feeling you folded
Not dead.
You'll steal the swirling sky, turning
With me.
You won't be bounded, but burning
And free.

Written by Anna Williams at age 22

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Free Love Poems

A Note about the Love Poems on this Blog

Notice: Love Poems Being Rearranged!

I've found that there is a high demand for free love poems online. Not surprising I guess.

I've decided to reorganize the love poems on my blog to make them easier to find.

I will leave the love poems in their proper posts per age, as always. But I will also be seperating them out and publishing them in posts of their own. This way I can eventually create a single post with links to all of the "Free Love Poems" and include that in my Table of Contents.

In short, it will make it easier for people to find love poems without having to search through every poem I have written in my life (how tedious! Haha.)

It will take me a bit of time so it won't be all at once. It also means that some poems which have already been published will be republished, as part of the reorganization.

But I think it is worth it in the long run as it will save a lot of time for people who are looking for free love poems online.

And, remember, I love comments! Thanks to those of you who have been giving me feedback, it's really great to know what my poems mean to you.

The Black Box

The Black Box

Which is worse - to wonder, or to know?

What lies within the place I hate to go ...

My stomach twists, my heart feels weary pain
Forever I search reasons to refrain
From visiting the place where shadows lurk;
Where papers wait, to tear my mind from work ...

I wonder what dark letters I may find
To torment me, and occupy my mind,
For days or weeks to come - but then again
I might just find a letter from a friend.

Perhaps it will be empty! Then I'd sigh
And know that, for one day more, I'll survive.
Perhaps there will be something I should know ...
I won't find out, though. Not until I go.

When I was young, my life was free and clean.
My letters were so few and far between.
A postcard from a stranger I'd forgot,
A note about a magazine I bought ...

But now those days are over. I remain
A prisoner of this dank unholy bane.
Some remedy there must be, to be had,
Before one day my Mailbox drives me mad.

Written by Anna Williams at age 32
Free Poems

Free Love Poem: A Crease in the Sheets

A Crease in the Sheets

A crease in the sheets

Looked just like your feet,
But I knew you had left.
So I straightened the bed.
Half-hoping to find
You were lying inside.

I imagined you'd say
That you'd got off the plane
You'd decided to stay.
Or that maybe, you'd say
That you'd had to return,
Or that someone had learned
That you shouldn't have gone.
But my image was wrong.

It was only the sheets.
It wasn't your feet.

Written by Anna Williams at age 32
Free Poems

Further poetry written at age 32:

The Black Box

You Breathe

Poetry Submission from Parishna Ramluckan

The following poem has been submitted by Parishna Ramluckan. This is the first poem by another author to be accepted and published on this blog. I really liked it because I can really relate to her online chat experiences and sentiments. I especially remembered the part about reaching out for someone's hand and only feeling the mouse pad.

When we chat

When you’re online I feel,
Like you’re sitting right opposite me.
I close my eyes and reach out for your hand,
But all I find is my mouse pad.

And then I type to you, telling you about my day,
Anxiously awaiting your response as I wish we didn’t live so far away.
But it’s amazing what our feelings can do,
Sometimes I swear I could feel myself right next to you.

Cause when we chat through a cable,
The feeling is just unbelievable.
I am as lost as can be in your words,
And you make me feel like we’re in our own perfect world.

When we chat I’m so sure I can hear,
You calling out for me, my dear.
And when we both are sitting at our computers with out anything to say,
I can almost hear you calling out for me, from miles away.

When we chat I’m so sure,
That I have found what I’ve been searching for.
And somehow I know it’s true,
I’ve found everything I want in you.

- Written By
Parishna Ramluckan

If you would like permission to use her poem, please contact her at
parishna @ (remove the spaces from the email address, I just added them to stop the spam robots!)

Free Love Poem


When I no longer stand here by your side,
At night beneath the moonlit milky way;
When I no longer kneel with you and pray,
And swear to you with stern, unshaking pride
That I will never travel far away...
When I my faithful promises betray,
And on the far side of the earth I hide;
When all my words of poetry have died,
And there is nothing more for me to say,
When I have left you, though I swore I'd stay...
Remember me, though fires within me play,
Though you no longer hold me in your trust.
Remember me in anger, if you must.
Remember though our books of lore shall lay
Forgotten, lost, and blanketed in dust.
Only then will rubies turn to rust,
And lava roll and pour with flaming coal
From the pits of your volcanic soul,
While destruction paints my heartbeat black.
Remember me. Remember I'll come back.
And I will kneel again with you and pray,
And I will stand again with you one day,
A thousand words, then, there will be to say...
At night beneath the moonlit milky way.

Written by Anna Williams at age 22

Free Poems

Free Love Poems



My heart remembers
The smell of the sun.
Barely, the embers
Have buried but one
Of my fading desires -
They lie hidden in fires
Of faraway glances
And agonized dances
That my memories mock.
I have no wish to talk
When I can't bear the pain
And I never feel rain,
For I can't leave this town
Till my madness dies down.
And I can't leave this hell
Till I murder this spell.

Often I cried
When I looked outside
And saw only the street,
With no earth in my feet
And no wind in my hair.
I see no way to bear
Never to go
To the people I know,
And the places I love,
And the dreams I dreamed of.

I think with my head
And not with my heart;
And as, at the moment,
The two are apart,
Then if you should read this,
Since nobody needs this,
I beg and implore
That you should ignore
What I said on a day
When I'd nothing to say.

I've no wish to wonder,
And no wish to cry.
I've no wish to ponder,
And no wish to die,
Only to run away...
Only to fly.

Written by Anna Williams at Age 21
Free Poems

What I Thought it Would Be Like to Be an Adult

This is not a poem. This is a response to a writing assignment from

The assignment is: "spend five minutes writing about what your younger self thought being an adult would be like. What sorts of freedoms did you think awaited you when you were finally all grown up?"

And here is my answer:

My clearest memory is standing in The Barnstable Newstand in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where I would go to buy candy. I was 9. A man walked in. I think he had a son but that didn't matter. He reached out with his hand and he grabbed a handful of M&Ms. He didn't think twice about it or count. I didn't see him stopping to count his change. He just grabbed a bunch of M&Ms. I thought, "Wow, well I guess he has thousands of dollars so a few M&Ms doesn't make such a big difference for him. Maybe when I grow up I will have thousands of dollars and I will be able to buy a bunch of M&Ms without thinking about it." Because usually, I would stand there at the candy counter for - I don't know, 45 minutes? Trying to decide what to buy, looking at the prices. It's not like I had nothing to do, but ...

What else I remember about what "growing up" meant? Well, I thought I would drive when I was grown up. And I think part of the reason I still don't feel like a grown up is that I never learned to drive. I was always traveling, or had transport arranged for me, and then wound up in Europe where we use bicycles. And have always been so busy ... but now I wander off the subject.

What did I imagine it would be to be a grown up? Well, I thought I would be able to get a job in a bar after I was 18. I never did, but if I had been allowed to, I'd have worked in a bar when I was 16 or 17. By the time I was 18 I didn't need it anymore.

I imagined that when I grew up I would be able to have a dog. Cuz my mother always said that we could have a dog when we grew up, and not before that, as she knew that if we got one when we were kids, she would be the one who would wind up taking care of the dog. We never managed to convince her otherwise ... smart woman.

My five minutes are up.

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