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Free Love Poem or Friendship Poem

This is another versatile poem. It was written as a friendship poem.


Since I remember you,
Since I can see
A wind blows within you
That blows within me;

Since I still know you...
I finally found you.
A long time ago, you
Wore music around you.

Caught in a spell;
Trapped in time, tied
You've gone through hell
Since the first day we died.

Before the skies parted
And gave us our youth
To lose...and the world started
We knew the truth.

Life fell apart, and
We learned to forsake...
And made ourselves hearts
For each other to break.

Beauty abused now, but
Blackness ascends
I've grown confused
And forgotten my friends.

I recall when I lived
Only to roam.
All I knew then was I
Searched for my home.

Deep in the desert
Where I watched the sky,
Dancing blue waters
Were lies to my eyes.

Alone 'neath a star
Or asleep in a tree,
I was lost, faded, far...
Now I found you. I'm free.

Before the light faded
Remember the laughter,
The love we created,
Not the Disaster.

The worlds you made loved you,
And they will find you,
For they live within you
They don't lie behind you.

Written by Anna Williams at age 22
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