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From Me

If you see a sunset, it's me, smiling
From behind it.
If I go away far, and you see a star
If you find it,
I'm inside it.
You can fold it, and hold it forever,
If you hide it.
If our words and worlds sever -- if ever
I lose you;
If two thousand light-years or seven
Confuse you;
Remember me. Here and in Heaven
I'll see you.
I'll be beguiling my filing, still smiling
To see you.
When mountains, magenta and molded
Turn red,
Like you said,
You'll find the feeling you folded
Not dead.
You'll steal the swirling sky, turning
With me.
You won't be bounded, but burning
And free.

Written by Anna Williams at age 22

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janetleigh said...

This just takes my breath away, Anna! Another beautiful, soulful, wise glimpse of your endless talent; I'm so awed by you and feel blessed to have met you here in the poetry community. Blessed, indeed!

soulwitness said...

"When you walk on your lonely ways,
think of me as your shadow sways,
I am still behind you,trust me,
fighting the devils you cant see.

When you see the edelweiss
amidst your lifeless ways
You can find in it my faintest of trace
see it as a sign,that I want you to be happy"

I guess, if I would have been the person receiving your letter, then I would have replied like this.

Love Poems said...

this poem really impressive i love this! If you see a sunset, it's me, smiling
From behind it.


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