A Note about the Love Poems on this Blog

Notice: Love Poems Being Rearranged!

I've found that there is a high demand for free love poems online. Not surprising I guess.

I've decided to reorganize the love poems on my blog to make them easier to find.

I will leave the love poems in their proper posts per age, as always. But I will also be seperating them out and publishing them in posts of their own. This way I can eventually create a single post with links to all of the "Free Love Poems" and include that in my Table of Contents.

In short, it will make it easier for people to find love poems without having to search through every poem I have written in my life (how tedious! Haha.)

It will take me a bit of time so it won't be all at once. It also means that some poems which have already been published will be republished, as part of the reorganization.

But I think it is worth it in the long run as it will save a lot of time for people who are looking for free love poems online.

And, remember, I love comments! Thanks to those of you who have been giving me feedback, it's really great to know what my poems mean to you.

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