Poetry Submission from Parishna Ramluckan

The following poem has been submitted by Parishna Ramluckan. This is the first poem by another author to be accepted and published on this blog. I really liked it because I can really relate to her online chat experiences and sentiments. I especially remembered the part about reaching out for someone's hand and only feeling the mouse pad.

When we chat

When you’re online I feel,
Like you’re sitting right opposite me.
I close my eyes and reach out for your hand,
But all I find is my mouse pad.

And then I type to you, telling you about my day,
Anxiously awaiting your response as I wish we didn’t live so far away.
But it’s amazing what our feelings can do,
Sometimes I swear I could feel myself right next to you.

Cause when we chat through a cable,
The feeling is just unbelievable.
I am as lost as can be in your words,
And you make me feel like we’re in our own perfect world.

When we chat I’m so sure I can hear,
You calling out for me, my dear.
And when we both are sitting at our computers with out anything to say,
I can almost hear you calling out for me, from miles away.

When we chat I’m so sure,
That I have found what I’ve been searching for.
And somehow I know it’s true,
I’ve found everything I want in you.

- Written By
Parishna Ramluckan

If you would like permission to use her poem, please contact her at
parishna @ hotmail.com (remove the spaces from the email address, I just added them to stop the spam robots!)

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