Free Love Poem


When I no longer stand here by your side,
At night beneath the moonlit milky way;
When I no longer kneel with you and pray,
And swear to you with stern, unshaking pride
That I will never travel far away...
When I my faithful promises betray,
And on the far side of the earth I hide;
When all my words of poetry have died,
And there is nothing more for me to say,
When I have left you, though I swore I'd stay...
Remember me, though fires within me play,
Though you no longer hold me in your trust.
Remember me in anger, if you must.
Remember though our books of lore shall lay
Forgotten, lost, and blanketed in dust.
Only then will rubies turn to rust,
And lava roll and pour with flaming coal
From the pits of your volcanic soul,
While destruction paints my heartbeat black.
Remember me. Remember I'll come back.
And I will kneel again with you and pray,
And I will stand again with you one day,
A thousand words, then, there will be to say...
At night beneath the moonlit milky way.

Written by Anna Williams at age 22

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Free Love Poems

1 comment:

janetleigh said...

I adore this one; love the imagery, and sentiments. Devotion and faithfulness are admirable traits and I see them interwoven in the words. Good job!


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