Free Poems: Written by My Mother

Free Poem Written for a Child

The poem was written about me, when I was four years old and my mother was the same age that I am now.


I bought an ice cream for my child.
She struggled to get off the stool.
But – conscious of
Her imperfection –
Asking, “Will you hold this please?”
She catalyzed
My resurrection.

In her mind the future sleeps.
All her talent lays in wait.
I’m her hope
Or her disaster;
As the symbol of her race.
As her teacher
Or her master.

Written by Cheryl Williams in 1979
in Bolinas, California

Free Poems
This poem can be used for free if you follow the regular rules on this blog (including contacting me, Anna).

Free Love Poem: Twining, by Rhys Jones

Free Love Poem


By careful crafted, deep consideration,
From base to tip they intertwine to fashion
Forms unique to nature, man and art
Of separate roots whose stems grow as one part.

What force drives the subtle engineering
Of their ever constant sunward rambling,
Governs their complex co-ordination
To ungoverned nature's admiration?

Glad butterflies beating time, birds resting,
Trees too, longing that harmonious twining,
All see an act of higher creation
Ordered by omniscient compulsion;

But the Gardener knows this arduous pleasure
Is travail done with freedom and ardour.

by Rhys Jones

If you would like to use this poem for free, please contact Rhys. His MySpace page is here:

Rhys Jones Myspace

Love Poem I Found

Love Poem

I found a love poem I liked. I can't say it's being offerred for free, it's just something I found on a random search, but I thought people might like it:

Love Poem by Shakir Hasnain

Love Poem

Hag and I

I've received a link to a love poem from Shakir Hasnain! Please head over to The Crimson Flaw to read Hag and I.

This is a beautiful, almost epic poem with depth, bravery, personality, and individuality. This is what the poetry community needs. Thank you Shakir.

Free Love Poem: The Divorce

The Divorce

Keep safe distance.
Cite your claims.
Let the fog
Enshroud your shame.

Yield no whisper
Of remorse,
Give no sign
That you endorse

The fables of
The ancient wives,
Who kept their men
And lived their lives ..

The crossing bears
No one-way bar.
But shut your eyes,
And touch your scar,

Remember what
The madman said.
You just live once,
And then you're dead,

And happiness
Is all a myth,
The road ahead
Is clouded with

Who can't be changed.
So label them.
They can be named.

The madman said
You can't repair
Your love or life ...
But you're aware

Deep down below
The cloud of cries,
That life holds hope
That these are lies ...

The choice is yours,
To live or burn,
To hear the lies
Or to return.

Written by Anna Williams at age 32
Free Poems

This free poem is a Found Poem, written per the prompt at stoney moss: Found Poetry.

The item used to find this poem was the DMV Driver's Manual.

Calling All Poets: Love Poems Wanted

This blog accepts poetry submissions as well.

If you have a love poem you would like to submit, please contact me either with a comment or by using the contact form. If your poem is accepted you will of course be named as the author, with a link to your site if you like.

Or if you would prefer to keep your poem on your own site, I can simply provide a link to your love poem.

If possible, there should be some possibility for your poem to be used for free (to follow the theme of this blog). On this, your terms are up to you.

Free Love Poem: You Breathe

You Breathe

You breathe at night.
It makes me smile.
You sing to me,
And for a while,

My heart feels calm,
My feelings clear;
The world seems simple,
When you're near.

Written by Anna Williams at age 32

Free Poems

Poetry Written at Age 8


Why do people stare?
Is it because they’re nosy,
Or is it because they’re not anywhere?
Are they really staring,
Or is something wrong with their eyes?
Maybe they’re just staring
Because they’re in surprise.
Do they know it’s rude to stare?
Do they think they saw a bear?
Or do they see a tiger or a lion?
I’m looking for the answer,
and I keep on tryin’.

Written by Anna Williams at age 8
Vermont, USA
Free Poems

Poetry Written at Age 10

Free Poems - Written at Age 10

The Tide

The early morning tide
Is low again,
Very low,
As if a giant sea monster came in the night
And gulped up half the harbor.
I often wish I could walk out there,
But I either don’t have the time,
Or the courage.

Written by Anna Williams at Age 10
Barnstable, Massachusetts
Free Poems
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