Free Poems: Written by My Mother

Free Poem Written for a Child

The poem was written about me, when I was four years old and my mother was the same age that I am now.


I bought an ice cream for my child.
She struggled to get off the stool.
But – conscious of
Her imperfection –
Asking, “Will you hold this please?”
She catalyzed
My resurrection.

In her mind the future sleeps.
All her talent lays in wait.
I’m her hope
Or her disaster;
As the symbol of her race.
As her teacher
Or her master.

Written by Cheryl Williams in 1979
in Bolinas, California

Free Poems
This poem can be used for free if you follow the regular rules on this blog (including contacting me, Anna).


writerwoman said...

Really interesting to see you through your mother's eyes.

Anonymous said...

It is so neat to see your mother's poem included here as well, and more so because it's about you..:) These lines are great:

"I’m her hope
Or her disaster;

As her teacher
Or her master."

She really was aware of her influence on you, for better or worse, and the seriousness of her thoughts on parental responsibility. Of course, we all know she was a fantastic Mom to you..:)


crimsonflaw said...

Beautiful...I love the way she has used ´´ imperfection ``

And Anna I have linked you to my blogs. Thanks for visiting and granting my words a place in the midst of such beautiful poems.


Anna said...

That's great, thanks Shakir. I've given you a sidebar link too!


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