Free Love Poem: Twining, by Rhys Jones

Free Love Poem


By careful crafted, deep consideration,
From base to tip they intertwine to fashion
Forms unique to nature, man and art
Of separate roots whose stems grow as one part.

What force drives the subtle engineering
Of their ever constant sunward rambling,
Governs their complex co-ordination
To ungoverned nature's admiration?

Glad butterflies beating time, birds resting,
Trees too, longing that harmonious twining,
All see an act of higher creation
Ordered by omniscient compulsion;

But the Gardener knows this arduous pleasure
Is travail done with freedom and ardour.

by Rhys Jones

If you would like to use this poem for free, please contact Rhys. His MySpace page is here:

Rhys Jones Myspace


S. Thomas Summers said...

engaging. some fresh, tangible images. i'd watch your punctuaution. i noticed a comma splice or two.

best wishes!!

writerwoman said...

Lovely work.


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