Love Poem by Shakir Hasnain

Love Poem

Hag and I

I've received a link to a love poem from Shakir Hasnain! Please head over to The Crimson Flaw to read Hag and I.

This is a beautiful, almost epic poem with depth, bravery, personality, and individuality. This is what the poetry community needs. Thank you Shakir.


crimsonflaw said...

Anna I am so happy you found ´´ hag and i ´´ worth your time...
thank you so much for mentioning it on your site.

writerwoman said...

Love Shakir's work!

Anonymous said...

I have recently found Shakir's blogs and I'm so taken by his work, Anna! It's great to see you highlight "Hag & I" here on your blog.

This is


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