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Free Poems - Written at Age 10

The Tide

The early morning tide
Is low again,
Very low,
As if a giant sea monster came in the night
And gulped up half the harbor.
I often wish I could walk out there,
But I either don’t have the time,
Or the courage.

Written by Anna Williams at Age 10
Barnstable, Massachusetts
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writerwoman said...

The last line is something that grips me. I am running out of time, it feels like, just as I am still trying to gather my courage.

Ario said...

As if a giant sea monster came in the night
And gulped up half the harbor.

I really like this, especially in contrast to the deceivingly calm first lines.

There is a sense of menace to this poem that draws me.

Anna said...

Thanks guys. And to think after 22 years I finally get some feedback!

Brian said...

gulped up half the harbor... amazing.

S. Thomas Summers said...

nice work. very nice.

now, left justify and play with your line breaks.

S. Thomas Summers (Scott)

writerwoman said...

Wow, I just realized you were only ten when you wrote that. Amazing!

janetleigh said...

Them some mighty big words for a 10 year old, Anna.. ;> From the looks of it, you've been a prolific wordsmith since you were knee high, er, waist high. heh heh Your penchant for word play and poetry came at a very young age. What's remarkable to me is the level of skill shown by your earliest works! Are your parents writers, perchance? Your poetry "gene" came from someone close, I'll bet...:) I love your poetry!


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