New Years Poem Wanted

Anyone Have a Free New Years Poem?

Around the holidays, people are always looking for this or that free poem that is related to the season. Does anyone have a good New Years Poem they would like to submit to the blog?

Remember I'm always happy to publish poems from other authors.

Happy New Year!

Do You Wish by Anna Vera Williams

Free Poems

Do you wish

Do you ever wish
To paint your life
In black and white,
And hang some sad nostalgic music in the back,
And put it on a TV screen
For men in future years to see
And say, “This must have been
The way things used to be”…

Do you ever walk the street
And half-imagine you might meet,
Some half-forgotten face from long ago
Although inside you really know,
You're walking where they'd never go …

Do you ever sit and look
At ancient photos you once took,
Long-lost faces in a book,
And examine them a million times
As if to read between the lines,
As if you might see something more,
That wasn't ever there before …
Something new, that might resolve
The mystery you never solved.

Do you ever wonder why
Faces wilt and flowers die,
People change and time goes by,
Leaving you to stand and sigh
At night beneath the starry sky
Watching comets fall and fly ...

― Written by Anna Vera Williams at Age 26
Free Poems

Half a Hemisphere Away

Free Love Poem

Half a Hemisphere Away

Half a hemisphere away
I hear the things
You do not say.
I hear the thundering of your heart.
It tears my life and soul apart.
It echoes in my head and ears,
I tremble on the bed in tears,
I see you sitting, far, alone,
Silent like a block of stone,
With your head against the wall
Wishing, praying I would call ...
Someday, I suppose I might
In the middle of the night.
While you lie there, softly dreaming,
When your heart has ceased its screaming,
When I've long since ceased to weep ...
I wish you would go to sleep.
I wish the thundering would cease,
And let me lie and dream in peace.

― Written by Anna Vera Williams at Age 23
Free Poems

War Poems

Free War Poems

The following are the war poems which have been published on this blog so far. Further submissions are welcome:

There are Men, by Anna Vera Williams

Gears of War, by Scott Clawson
Where is the Cavalry by Anna Vera Williams

Out in the Wilderness by Anonymous Poet
Songs of War by Anonymous Poet
Machines of War, by Anonymous Poet
I Do Not Hate My Enemy, by Anonymous Poet

I Cry in Fear, by Anonymous Poet
Planting Peace, by Christine Bruness

Mercy Please, by Anonymous Poet
Our Men in Iraq, by Tom Fenning

Free Poems: Yellow

Free Poems


Hunger conquers. Love considers.
As life concedes and pain bewilders.
Anguish strips us of our shielding.
Cold. Relentless. Ever-wielding.
Yet we let the anguish pass
Forget, and hide amongst the mass.
Even I who swore to never
Seek cold comfort, cruel forever;
Even I found yellow rest,
In the days upon my nest,
Long descended from the sky,
Angry when the night asked why.

It had been hated. Degraded.
Hardly heart-defying. Shaded.
Hard warmth. For a moment's pleasure.
Mindless. Careless. Lady's leisure.
And yet the strongest of the weak
Can break in sobs and fade grow meek.
None can tell you your belief.
None may soothe you in your grief.
None can tell you where to go.
None but you can ever know.
When you learn that, when you see,
It may break your heart in three.
Yet 'tis not bad to dance alone.
May your eyes remain your own.

Written by Anna Williams at age 17
in Prague, Czechoslovakia
Free Poems

Free Poems: Blue Balloons

Free Poems

Blue Balloons

Into the captivity of your heart,
We let our blue balloons depart;
Into the twilight of the sky.
Into the night. Where our shadows still fly.

Three years later, too far from the sea,
Having escaped, having broke free,
No longer a lone poet, surrounded by boors,
I felt a lone virgin, surrounded by whores.

And now our balloons may have never been found,
Lying untouched, as I was, on the ground,
But still hold their meaning, in unwritten words,
Hopefully not having killed any birds.

I faded in comforted silence at last.
Silence like crystal. Silence like the past.
Steeped and forsaken, quiet anesthesia,
In the ambrosia of violent amnesia.

― Written by Anna Vera Williams at Age 17
Washington, D.C.
Free Poems

Free Poems: Riding My Bike

Free Poems

Riding My Bike

My wheels don’t seem to touch the road
As I fly through the wind.
When I look down,
The road flashes by.
When I look up,
The world is slow motion again,
And I swerve a corner,
Almost floating.

Written by Anna Williams at age 10
Barnstable, Massechusetts
Free Poems

Free Poems: A Friend

Free Poems

Friendship Poem Written by Anna Williams at Age 10

A Friend

I have a friend
Who is always with me,
Whom I am always with,
Whom I am often alone with,
Who is often alone with me.
But sometimes we need others
To hike through the jungle of life.
She is me.

Written by Anna Williams at age 10
Barnstable, Massechusetts

Free Poems

War Poem by Scott Clawson

Free Poems

War Poem by Scott Clawson

Gears of War

Bloodshot eyes rolling through

Pinion soldiers grinding gears of war

Endless movements of gypsy travel

Devastation hangs in heavy mizzen

Beckons forever thirsty for conquer

You may use this for free; I have no terms for its use except if possible you could publish my name with it.

Best regards,

Scott Clawson

The Children - by Anna Vera Williams of Free Poems

Free Poems

The Children

The children of the shadows stepped
With pointed toes and daunted breath
Across the shadows of the streams,
Deep with death and melted dreams.
We watched the lightning cross the sky
The last heat of the last hard sigh,
And let our feet fall to the stones.
We drowned the chilling undertones,
Escaped into the winter cold.
Escaped from autumn's burning gold,
Forgot its twisted lullaby.
And how to care. And how to cry.

Time goes, numbed in drink and dawn.
The winter people lived the song.
We danced like beetles under fire,
Drawn to beauty and desire.
We followed laughter where it led,
Into smoke, and sin, and bed.

We were children. Actors. Fools.
Playing by our coldest rules.
How heartless were our childish trials
Steeped in dances and denials.
We yearned to break away and roam,
We who have or love no home.
Here to destroy ourselves. Here to alloy ourselves.
Only to tear and to teach and annoy ourselves.

The children of the shadows flew,
Knew not what we loved, but loved what we knew.
Shadows of alleys. Shadows of smiles.
The sounds of the shadows fade over miles.
We had been beaten, been married, been robbed.
We came to sing in the streets for the mob.
To forget, to forsake, to invent our own past,
We came with the wind, the cold dry blast.
By blue skies we parted, in shadows of spring.
Escaping the pain that the painlessness brings.

Written by Anna Williams at Age 17
Monday after Easter
in Prague, Czechoslovakia
Free Poems

The Stones - by Anna Vera Williams of Free Poems

Free Poems

The Stones

It is the air that holds you down
In this senselessly beloved town,
While piercing frost deep 'neath our bones...
Beware of how you touch the stones
Who pave the street; enslave your feet;
Entrance the lost who pass above them,
Till you over-glorify and love them,
Till every tourist we once hated
Is un resented, unseen, faded.
The walls, the shadows, crooked, near,
Slowly cloud and disappear.
So we wander. So we crawl.
There is nothing left at all
But out living cobblestones.
Whispering. Freezing. Mid the moans.
This chill is even unfelt - old.
No escape now from this cold
Quiet, heartless, numbing, slow
But to fly away. To go

Written by Anna Williams at age 17
in Prague, Czechoslovakia
Free Poems

The Serpants - by Anna Vera Williams of Free Poems

The Serpents

We are living for a breath of cold.
As we watch the shadows fold
Into olive sands ...

The bays
Of salty waters
Mark our days;
By the ripples,
By the tides.

We come forth limping,
― Leave in strides.

And the heat lays
Like a hound.
The children know
The crooked sounds
Of serpents, lurking like disease
By the banks
Beyond the trees.
There is the dark and endless sea.
There are spirits watching me.

This land robs comfort,
Seethes defeat.
It maims and strengthens,
By the heat
― The heat of hate, the heat of guilt ...
The day I learned that flowers wilt,
I burst and shook,
And cursed the sky.
My feelings died.
I knew not why.

Now we spread no hell, no rain.
Now we live here, free from pain
And stronger, by neutrality --
It shapes our immortality.

None can touch us,
Strike us,
Love us.
None can break
The spell above us.
... None can ever set us free.
We are surrounded by the sea.

Written by Anna Williams at Age 17
Free Poems

Slavia - by Anna Vera Williams of Free Poems

Free Poems


My stomach burns
With the quaking tide,
When you play with my toes,
When you tickle my pride.

Take me away
To your far away land,
Buried like dust
In the prints of your hand,

Where your smile doesn't crack,
And fade,
Before the hours
Draw into days.

I lay in the bed
Of a perfect stranger.
I played with his words,
Mimicking danger,

And he begged me to tell him
My endless verses,
Beneath the morning’s
Sleepless curses.

His fingers played
With the curve of my side.
I told him of
The day I died ―

A secret I guarded
So closely from you.
I told him the truth.
I told no one I knew.

Written by Anna Williams at Age 17
Washington, D.C.
Free Poems

Thorn - by Anna Vera Williams of Free Poems

Free Poems


Beneath the shadow of the sky
I felt the wind pulse, watched it fly.
In the autumn, in the storm,
The wind was true, the wind was warm.
Warmer than what I'd become
For I was empty, cold, and numb.

Like a blossom in the frost
That dies in heartache and is lost
Despairing it will never be
Young again; will never see
The moonlit dewdrop's quiet birth
And fades to cold, black, callous earth...
I hungered no more for the stars.
I raised myself against the bars,
And shut away each desperate scheme.
A dream no longer was a dream.
Standing by the barren isle,
There was a lie behind my smile.
The mountain storm could touch me not
And not the sea. For I had sought,
And I had failed. And I had hated
Every hope my heart created.

By the strength my eyes beguiled,
I grew old when still a child.
And so I sank, forgot, and sighed
But for whispers, deep inside;
But for wishes to return.
And yet the dread to fail, to burn,
Overpowered dying love.
With one last frantic glance above,
I longed that I might live once more,
To suffer truth, as long before.

Desperate prayer in the sand...
I reached out my quivering hand,
And felt the blue light of the sky
The moon's cold breath fell to my eye,
And as the summer winds wash tears,
A memory washed away my fears.

Beating heart and burning breath,
Love reawakened from the death,
Shivering flesh against the night
Awakened to a dying light

A quiet child sleeps peacefully,
Somewhere deep inside of me,
Who knew her love and knew her name;
Spoke no hatred, felt no shame;
Who knew a true, unbroken mirror,
Bore no secret, hid no tear.
She laughed upon a starlit beam,
Without fear and without scheme,
Seldom hid herself from pain,
And never shuttered in the rain.
Subtle age tears at the young.
Songs are withered and resung.

After a day or a million years
Of soft oblivion and fears,
Of quiet panic, bursting sin,
Silent fight raged deep within,
Hearts are crushed and are reborn
From the blood upon the thorn.

Written by Anna Williams at age 16
Free Poems

Unlike - by Anna Vera Williams of Free Poems

Free Poems


Unlike a lightless chasm,
No deep mystery to fathom.
What I may or may not feel
Is un-vital. Hardly real.
Yet you are. More than the rest.
I love you all. Or do my best.
In a world I longed to find
With all my blue moons left behind
On the far side of the earth.
- The stars, perhaps, have greater worth
Watched from that side of the sky -
If you could dream. If you could fly …
I wanted to believe you knew
Of love or tears. Or wanted to.
Perhaps you do. Or more than most.
Perhaps you pray beside my ghost.
A half a year before the dawn
Perhaps you, like a child, were drawn
To love, to motion, saving grace.
You saw a world within her face
And held an ocean in her eyes ?
Bathed in drama and disguise.
Yet feelings fade from touch in time.
Years are heavy; and heavier, crime.
They weigh upon a starving heart.
They tear your dreams and life apart
To scattered fragments rough as glass
And lie till innocence might pass
Like unclothed feet, unguarded, frail,
Un-callused … till there is a wail,
Beginning, very quietly
From deep within a cold anxiety …
Calluses can be acquired.
With leaps from canyons lit with fire.
And starving hearts learn not to be.
Drowning eyes learn not to see.

Young and strong and free at last
From pain. And growing far too fast,
Yet not too young to have a past.
I never speak about it here
I seldom voice a hidden fear
Or whisper to the quiet stars
Or weep for all that beauty mars
Or whistle by the amber mountains,
In search of purple salt-less fountains.
Listen far across the hills
And barefoot by the mountain rills
For a faint and distant sigh.
Torn by time, and death. And lies.
If you glance within your heart
You may tear your life apart.
You may justify your sin …
Search for angel dust within.
It may kill. It may heal.
The treasures of the sky grow real.
Break away mid earth and fire.
Give to glory’s deep desire.
In the frail moments of youth,
Every lie breathes unwashed truth.
Naught matters past reality,
Hard, correct and fancy-free.
You can sing false pleasure’s hue.
You can pierce me through and through.
Draw a blood drop from my eye,
Make me love you, make me cry …
Still I remain, as light friends tend,
Yet the same, unscathed, unbent,
But hardened for the next hard mile,
To the next unfamiliar smile,
And trust it not, as children would.
Though, God knows, how I wish I could.

For I am taught. And taught by thee.
Enlightened in reality.
With little left to do but pray
For the dim and distant day
When naught is yearned or questioned why
But the clouds who roam the sky.

Written by Anna Williams at Age 17
Prague, Czechoslovakia
Free Poems

I Slept in Beauty, Then Awoke by Anna Vera Williams

I Slept in Beauty — and Awoke

I slept in beauty — and awoke.
Then ugliness was mine.
That morning, yet, the wall between
My sleep and hellish wake was broke
And through a crack did shine
What peaceful, dormant eyes had seen:

A light just bright enough to show
Into this waking place:
A dream we call reality,
Not bright enough to cast a glow
Upon my darkened face,
Nor at hell's immortality.

Written by Anna Williams at age 15
Free Poems

Free Love Poem: Together, by Scott Clawson

Free Love Poem


My love abounds through the distant stars

With you by my side we will soar

Touching new worlds of wonder

Endlessly exploring

Forever loving

Hearts intertwined

Sharing fate

True love


This is a poetic form called a Nonet. It was a prompt I found at . I will place a link to Free Poems on my blog site You may use this for free, I have no terms for its use except if possible you could publish my name with it.

Best regards,

Scott Clawson

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Free Poems: Spiritual Poem Submitted by Sara

Spiritual Poem

Here is a poem I received for publication on this blog. You can see the note from the author below - this gives her terms for those who would like to use her poem for free.

This is an incredibly powerful poem. It is spiritual and religious and, in my opinion, a very appropriate Christmas Poem.

"To Anna

Here is a poem you can use at your site. I know you were looking for spirtualones and I haven't posted this one anywhere else. Your readers are free to use it as long as they mention it was written by Sara from The Shores of My Dreams at"

Turn to Him

When the frigid air
of defeat
whips at your back

threatening to attack,
to bring you to your knees,

when the devil nips at your feet daily,
and the very breath in you
is hard to breathe

your face
toward the sky.

Cry out for relief!
God saves his people.

And your ravaged spirit
will be filled with a river
of forgiveness
for all your sins,

healing for all that is
ragged and bruised within.

There is only
one place
to seek renewal and a promise of safety.

A promise
that can carry you
your darkest of days.

Seek your Lord,
the Savior who saves!

Written by Sara from The Shores of My Dreams at

Free Poems: Christmas Day, by Lisa

Christmas Poem

Christmas Day

Whether they were right or wrong,
And whether they sung loud and strong
Or only spoke in whispers
Which by miracles were heard,
We owe our lives to brilliant men
Who took the chance to bring us in
And show us how to save the world
With nothing but a word.

So on this day we honor one
Who gave us hope when hope was gone
And all was torn and tangled
And in deserts we had strayed.
Men killed him for what he believed,
Though some now doubt, though some still grieve,
We celebrate the day he came
And call it Christmas Day.

Written by Lisa

You can use this poem for free if you follow these rules:

Don't claim that you wrote it. Include the byline that it is written by Lisa.
Personal and non-commercial use only.

Free Poems: I Will Bring You Gifts, by Chris Leibow

Christmas Poems

I Will Bring You Gifts

I want to rush you
insistent like the sea
love me!
Kiss Me!
With innumerable green kisses.
Cover me with blue-silver-gray rain.
Wash the mud from my hands.
Lie in my arms.

I will rise and take all the worn shoes of lovers,
postmen, accountants and spies —
I will throw them into the sea
to tell their stories to the dead.
I will return with salts and fruit and fish
with white eager caresses
and red embraces—

I will leave my gifts spilled out on the table
as I rush you again,
Insistent sea,
Impatient ocean!

Written by Christopher Leibow

Every Room is a Dream (

Lead Love Birds: The poems of c.a. leibow (

This poem can be used for free.

Free Poems: Christmas Poem by Poetryman

Christmas Poem

Consecrating a Holy vessel for my eternal consciousness.
A renewed body and a refreshed mind.

Be thankful. Blessings unto you and yours.

Of Angel hugs and of love and laughter

and of happily ever after.

Of kind words and healing balms.

Of buzzing bees in the tall, green grasses.

Posted by Poetryman.

Poetry Publishing

Submit Poetry for Publication on this Blog

This is just a reminder that I am open to publishing the work of other poets on my blog.

I am especially looking for the following types of poems, (but any submissions are great):

Love Poems

Christmas Poems

Haiku Poems

Poetry for Kids

Funny Poems

Friendship Poems

Spiritual Poems

Birthday Poems

Father Poems

Mother Poems

Inspirational Poems

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Graduation Poems

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Poems for special occassions (Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentines Day, etc.)

If possible, it is best that your poem is available for some free use. But you are free to set the terms. You poem can be published on this blog, and/or I can link to your poem on your site or blog. (At some point in the future I may have another site set up with a space for poetry submissions, but for now we will use the blog for publications).

I am getting emails from people who are looking for these kinds of poems. While I have collected some stacks of poetry from my mother's basement and will publish them as time allows. But meanwhile I am happy to accept the work of other poets.

There are lots of people out there looking for a poem or two to color their lives. I think we do our jobs well as poets when we help to fill that space.

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