Free Sign-Up: Get Paid Each Time Someone Visits Your Blog Or Website

How to Get Paid for Almost Every Visitor to Your Blog or Website (This is Free, You Don't Have to Pay Anything)

While the poetry on this blog is free, I'm setting the blog up as a fundraising source for donations.

Something new was released yesterday. Anyone who has a blog or website can sign up for free, to be paid for almost every time someone visits their blog.

1. You put a little code on a page of your website or blog.

2. When a person visits the page (I think they have to stay on the page for two seconds) a 5-second audio ad plays.

3. You get paid each time an ad plays, (even if the visitor's sound is off).

4. The ad takes no space on your website or blog. There is no link for the visitor to click and they are not led away from your site.

5. You can use it for any site, including free blogs and websites or MySpace, Blogger Blogs, etc, as long as it is okay per the rules of that website or host.

6. If you sign up now, you will be eligible to sign others up as a referrer. You then earn 5% of anything your referrals earn, and 5% of what their referrals earn, for life.

7. If you wait a couple of months to sign up, you might not be eligible to sign others up anymore. There is a limited time to sign up as a referrer.

8. The ads are tailor-made to fit with the content of your blog or website so you won't get non-related ads.

9. There is more information and a lot more details at the Pay Per Play page here.

This may or may not interest you. It might not seem very poetic. In my case, a little bit of money can go a long way for good causes. So I don't mind so much.

You can sign up for PPP Ads at this link: Pay Per Play.

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