Half a Hemisphere Away

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Half a Hemisphere Away

Half a hemisphere away
I hear the things
You do not say.
I hear the thundering of your heart.
It tears my life and soul apart.
It echoes in my head and ears,
I tremble on the bed in tears,
I see you sitting, far, alone,
Silent like a block of stone,
With your head against the wall
Wishing, praying I would call ...
Someday, I suppose I might
In the middle of the night.
While you lie there, softly dreaming,
When your heart has ceased its screaming,
When I've long since ceased to weep ...
I wish you would go to sleep.
I wish the thundering would cease,
And let me lie and dream in peace.

― Written by Anna Vera Williams at Age 23

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janetleigh said...

Oh WOW, Anna. You've captured what could be some of my own thoughts while falling asleep with a current love on my mind so many years ago... Your writing astounds me. Truth.


Brian said...

I hear the things
You do not say

very nice.

writerwoman said...

When your heart has ceased its screaming,

great line!


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