Free Poems: Christmas Day, by Lisa

Christmas Poem

Christmas Day

Whether they were right or wrong,
And whether they sung loud and strong
Or only spoke in whispers
Which by miracles were heard,
We owe our lives to brilliant men
Who took the chance to bring us in
And show us how to save the world
With nothing but a word.

So on this day we honor one
Who gave us hope when hope was gone
And all was torn and tangled
And in deserts we had strayed.
Men killed him for what he believed,
Though some now doubt, though some still grieve,
We celebrate the day he came
And call it Christmas Day.

Written by Lisa

You can use this poem for free if you follow these rules:

Don't claim that you wrote it. Include the byline that it is written by Lisa.
Personal and non-commercial use only.

1 comment:

crimsonflaw said...

I like the tone of this poem. It binds reflection with untainted wisdom. lovely.


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