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This is just a reminder that I am open to publishing the work of other poets on my blog.

I am especially looking for the following types of poems, (but any submissions are great):

Love Poems

Christmas Poems

Haiku Poems

Poetry for Kids

Funny Poems

Friendship Poems

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Poems for special occassions (Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentines Day, etc.)

If possible, it is best that your poem is available for some free use. But you are free to set the terms. You poem can be published on this blog, and/or I can link to your poem on your site or blog. (At some point in the future I may have another site set up with a space for poetry submissions, but for now we will use the blog for publications).

I am getting emails from people who are looking for these kinds of poems. While I have collected some stacks of poetry from my mother's basement and will publish them as time allows. But meanwhile I am happy to accept the work of other poets.

There are lots of people out there looking for a poem or two to color their lives. I think we do our jobs well as poets when we help to fill that space.


Poetryman said...

Consecrating a Holy vessel for my eternal consciousness.
A renewed body and a refreshed mind.

Be thankful. Blessings unto you and yours.

Of Angel hugs and of love and laughter

and of happily ever after.

Of kind words and healing balms.

Of buzzing bees in the tall, green grasses.

Anna said...

Thank you poetryman. I've published your poem.

Can people use the poem for free? And if so, what are your terms?

writerwoman said...

I'm sending you a spirtual poem you can use through Brand New Aspiring Writers.

Anna said...

Sara, this is great! I've published it. Thanks so much for your contribution.

Pya Parekh said...

young fresh life is born and grows
as a river flowing down in each bend
rushing in search, in search for the essence life
on his path the beauty of the world reflects on surface
pure and young the river touches every corner of the world
creating life in his path
finally reaching the ocean the soul rises to nirvana
new rain falls again learning and creating ever more beauty on its path
the river as gracious as our children
and the ocean as wise as our elders
water is the essence life

Anonymous said...

A decision
By: anonymous

There’s this girl that I meet about six months ago she was just a normal sting within, but soon as the time passed she became more than a sting she became a flame that burns up to this day within me. She is not just a flame that is so beautiful that attracts you she is one little sting, one little amber that soon began a fire within me, but she’s my best friend and cannot be more than that because she made a decision in order to keep it that way.
I had waited four months in order to hold her in my arms she was in another mans arms before me, I waited, then she had accepted to travel, travel into a place where I could only take her and make her feel only how I could. Everyday of that one week was paradise, I loved seeing her smile, and having her in my arms as I warmed her in those cold days.
But soon it ended and later moved on onto another man a day after she had left mine. I felt as if I had never existed as if I was just a picture she looked at for some time and soon moved on.
But I still loved her I did my best friend I love her and soon she was in another mans arms, and seeing them together killed me of seeing of how she was with him afraid of jealousy I did not want to accept it but hard as I knew it was I missed her. Soon we began to be real good friends and later her questions began of why I was sad. I just told her this girl. Afraid of what might happen with our friendship I dared not tell her it was her.
But soon she found out it was her and we with a talk we had decided to stay as friends and soon realized that I could never have her once gain within my arms, as she lays her head on my shoulders, and I look down at her and she her beautiful eyes that loose me at any moment I see into them. I was crushed she told me she loved me, she had always did and she has been trying to tell but she’s scared of what the results might be.
As I tried not to feel bad I questioned “ why tell me you love me and then decide we should stay as friends why?” but what can I do now I love her I do but she is still with this one man that not just holds her, but shows a great expression of love every time they are together. And now I live by this one thing, a decision

Owen Hera-Singh said...

Never To Be Apart

The strong feeling of love,
Penetrates this heart of steel.

I love you more than life,
More than you will know.
More than everything around me,
Please dont ever go.

To have you in my life,
God, I feel so blessed,
But when your not around,
I feel so freakin stressed.

I want you in my arms,
To hold you in my heart.
To be with you forever,
Never to be apart.

Of you I cant stop thinking,
Your eyes, your face, your soul.
I need you all around,
To fill this gaping hole.
Here in my heart,
I need you most of all.

This poem is available for free, as long as you credit the author (Owen Hera-Singh)

TheYoungPoet said...

The Romance Inside Your Heart.
(A little poem from Liberty)

I love you.
My words are simple, yet true.
I picked a flower for you, it was blue.
But then I noticed,
Nothing Compares To You.

Anonymous said...

Teardrops Like Rain
by: Lhizhie Unay

Teardrops fall
inexplicably like rain
Holding me glued
like that time
on a weird summer's day

I look up at the sky
and saw the
little droplets of rain
falling inexplicably
like the teardrops on my face

This poem is available for free
as long as you credit the author
(Lhizhie Unay)

Anonymous said...

hi.this is my poem(its a wedding poem)
You are placing your love,your trust,
in my hands.
i will love you for ever and go over lands to please you.
i long for your joy, your smiles and your love
it is what i shall relay on and i will be there for you in retern
our love is forever not for five minits
and remember that you are so special
i have never met anyone as lovely as you and never will
as you are a one of a kind and the one that stands out because of your overwelming love for life.

by Libby

Anna said...

Dear all,

Thanks for your submissions. I have gone ahead and published them as you sent them (in comments) but the best way to submit poems is to follow the instructions at:


Please have a look at those and if you like you can then resubmit your poem so that it can be properly posted on the blog with all relevant information. Thank you very much!


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