Free Poems: I Will Bring You Gifts, by Chris Leibow

Christmas Poems

I Will Bring You Gifts

I want to rush you
insistent like the sea
love me!
Kiss Me!
With innumerable green kisses.
Cover me with blue-silver-gray rain.
Wash the mud from my hands.
Lie in my arms.

I will rise and take all the worn shoes of lovers,
postmen, accountants and spies —
I will throw them into the sea
to tell their stories to the dead.
I will return with salts and fruit and fish
with white eager caresses
and red embraces—

I will leave my gifts spilled out on the table
as I rush you again,
Insistent sea,
Impatient ocean!

Written by Christopher Leibow

Every Room is a Dream (

Lead Love Birds: The poems of c.a. leibow (

This poem can be used for free.


Ario said...


I miss that feeling.


crimsonflaw said...

wow, the colours, the tears, and the sea.....what a lovely thing to say . beautiful poem. thank you for sharing it .


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