Free Poems: Spiritual Poem Submitted by Sara

Spiritual Poem

Here is a poem I received for publication on this blog. You can see the note from the author below - this gives her terms for those who would like to use her poem for free.

This is an incredibly powerful poem. It is spiritual and religious and, in my opinion, a very appropriate Christmas Poem.

"To Anna

Here is a poem you can use at your site. I know you were looking for spirtualones and I haven't posted this one anywhere else. Your readers are free to use it as long as they mention it was written by Sara from The Shores of My Dreams at"

Turn to Him

When the frigid air
of defeat
whips at your back

threatening to attack,
to bring you to your knees,

when the devil nips at your feet daily,
and the very breath in you
is hard to breathe

your face
toward the sky.

Cry out for relief!
God saves his people.

And your ravaged spirit
will be filled with a river
of forgiveness
for all your sins,

healing for all that is
ragged and bruised within.

There is only
one place
to seek renewal and a promise of safety.

A promise
that can carry you
your darkest of days.

Seek your Lord,
the Savior who saves!

Written by Sara from The Shores of My Dreams at


S. Thomas Summers said...

as a christian, i found this poem quite right. enjoyed.

janetleigh said...

From your heart to my heart, Sara. Anna put it best - powerful.

Ario said...

As an atheist, I can more than appreciate the depth of experience within this poem and the purity and spirituality within the words.


crimsonflaw said...

beautifully written...the tone the quiet eloquence and the music of prayer

wonderful sara...


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