Free Love Poem by Karen Howley: Limbs in Limbo

Free Love Poem

Limbs in Limbo

You looked over your Dairy Queen spoon at me,
And the chocolate slid down as my heart jumped into
My Throat.
I played with my hair as you smiled in the way you have,
And you seemed to say thanks so humbly and so shyly with
Your Lips.
A stretch came to your limbs as the hands reached overhead
And Everything else seemed to stop as I caressed your searching fingers with
My Eyes.
A blush snuck up to my cheeks when you laughed at my joke,
And no one ever laughed at my jokes like you with the light in
Your Face.
Expanding like a deep breath in the yoga class I dragged you to on a hot summer day,
And feeling more relaxed, you look with your edgeless blue eyes into
My Heart.
Extending like the arm you reached toward me was your kindness,
And from the tears in my eyes when you told your story, I came to love
Your Heart.

by Karen Howley

Karen is an English Education major from the Phoenix metropolitan area in Arizona.

Karen's terms of use: :My poems can be used for free, just as long as if someone uses my poem, they give me credit for my work."

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