Free Love Poem by Karen Howley

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A sudden suffocation,

An ache in my heart,

My breath comes in short explosions like a sluggish train.

My mind does not entertain thoughts

Of a triple bypass

Because it was your phantom,

Manifested in the eyes of a helpless passerby,

That made me dismiss artery blockage and cholesterol.

I believe in soul mates because I found one.

I first saw you not with my eyes,

But with my spirit.

Your bit of StarGlass

seemed to melt into

My MoonLight.

In one infitesimally small moment,

Something of such weighty significance

Happened on me, I was instantly and indefinitely

Changed. I became the happiest of prisoners.

I fell into the disarming expansiveness of your smile,

Where, in a blink, Everything vanishes from my eyes but yours.

Moulded into my mind is you,

How you looked at me sleepily

And caressed my face so recently crisped by exhaustive outdoor rehearsals.

I pass by a bench where we once stole some fragmentary happiness.

Those footprints in the snow now belong to you,

Purloined from a meaningless stranger, transformed,

Forever following me anonymously,

Haunting my heart.

And so I quote those all-pervasive, faceless sages,

Who can up with a new banality

For every Fresh Hurt and New Confrontation,

Who people throw around with unconditional authority.

I whisper to myself,

"Time heals all hurts."

The most powerful river erodes everything,

Giving a fresh-etched look to old familiarity.

Yet somehow, I don't believe myself.

I wonder if some things are irreparable,

If time really heals all wounds.

Time knows nothing of my pain and my love.

I guess I'll just wait until the end of all things,

And finally know.

- Written by Karen Howley

Karen is an English Education major from the Phoenix metropolitan area in Arizona.

Karen's terms: "My poems can be used for free, just as long as if someone uses my poem, they give me credit for my work."

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