Free Poem by Karen Howley: Connectedness

Free Poems


Yesterday, I stopped fighting.
Yesterday, I saw my sister struggle for her life
In the midst of a band of cruel soldiers.
The look of terror on her face could only be paralleled
By mine.
Yesterday, I saw my brother die, gunned down by
Those who claimed they knew right from wrong,
But my brother still lies bleeding in the gutter, his hand
Holding mine.
Yesterday, I saw my father cry, brought to tears by
Collecting pieces of his family, blown up by a
Stranger in an airplane, whose face was not wet with tears,
Like mine.
Yesterday, I saw my mother cry out to her god,
Asking why it was she who suffered, why it was
Her family that was murdered; her grief was matched
Only by mine.
Yesterday, I realized who my family was.
It is everyone I know, and everyone I don't know.
My brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers
Die every day, and all I know is this life is not
Only mine.

- Written by Karen Howley

Karen is an English Education major from the Phoenix metropolitan area in Arizona.

Karen's terms: "My poems can be used for free, just as long as if someone uses my poem, they give me credit for my work."


STP said...

What a moving and powerful piece!!! It is a wonderful thought and I could not agree more.

scribblingsandsketches said...

It's difficult to write well about such themes, but Karen manages it. Well-structured, clear and strong lines that stand out on their own. Good stuff.

But, hey, Anna, when are we going to read something new by you? You slacking? :)



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