If You've Written to Me Via the Contact Form ...

If you have written to me with the contact form on this blog and you have not received an answer, it is because the email address you entered didn't work. In a few cases when I responded to my messages I got a "Delivery Failure Notification" message, which means that something didn't work with your email address.

So if you are still waiting for an answer from me, please try again.

Oh - and if you are waiting for your poem to be published, it will be. I have had several submissions lately and don't want to put them all up on one day.

But if I have asked you a question about your poem and haven't received an answer yet, I will wait for an answer before I publish.




writerwoman said...

There is a new poet added to our I Promise List.


Unless someone drops out, no one else will be added. Thank you for accomadating this latest addition. Please visit him each Thursday, as your schedule admits. Make him feel welcome.

Anna said...

Thanks! I'll visit.

writerwoman said...

Please remove

from your I promise blogroll.

He doesn't have time to participate right now and asked to leave the list.


susan said...

Hi Anna,

Glad to hear you liked my poem. The exercise was to write a haiku. If I add more lines I'm completely abandoning the form. :-)


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