Poem by Holly Mann | Message to the Scammers

To my surprise, I recently received a message from Holly Mann, that she had purchased and read my poetry book, Some of My Poetry But Not All of It. Her appreciative (and equally appreciated) message was a surprise and very encouraging to me as a poet.

Holly also responded by posting her own poem. Holly is an Internet Marketer who teaches others to earn money online, while working from home. She has become famous throughout the Internet Community for teaching others to earn money honestly, and for her genuine interest in helping others to reach their dreams. She has published an E-Book called Honest Riches.

Holly's recent poem describes her feelings about unscrupulous scammers and con-artists online, who convince the unwary to pay high prices to "learn how to make money online" but who, in the end, give little in return. You can see Holly's Poem here at one of her websites.

From Holly Mann to the Scammers!

Holly Mann's Honest Riches


Noah The Great said...

I'd love to link you back. I also plan on buying your book sometime after I overcome the debt of the '91 Honda Civic I recently purchases. (*cough* this means that next thursday, I'm going to take some of my paycheck and separate it.)

Anyway, as I'm only seventeen years old, debt doesn't affect me quite so much as long as I'm still on the payroll.

(Too bad that ship ends in April.)

S. Thomas Summers said...

thanks for this. be well.

writerwoman said...

Please visit PWB. There is a change in your I promise blogroll.

Thomas has left our list, replaced by Susan at

Please start visiting Susan weekly.

Thank you!

janetleigh said...

I'm totally impressed with Holly's poem, Anna. Wow! Great read, that! Thanks for sharing it. Too bad I couldn't leave a comment on her site, though. :(

Poetmeister...on the road to Parnassus

Anna said...

Thanks everybody!

Noah the Great - I was really happy to know you were interested in getting my poetry book. I hope you like it. We can stay in touch.

Janet - you could leave a comment on Holly's Myspace page if you want, at http://www.myspace.com/hollymannhonestriches.


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