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I've been super-busy over the past weeks and haven't had as much time as I'd like to work on my poetry blogs and other poetry projects (such as a poetry website I am building).

Meanwhile I have an idea. I'd like to make a page dedicated to helping online poets and poetry bloggers who are looking to exchange links with other poetry sites and blogs. Then, someone who is looking for a link exchange can come to the post and find other poets who are also interested in link exchange.

So it goes like this:
  • If you'd like to exchange links with other poets or writers, leave a comment on this blog with your url, the name of your site, how you can be contacted, and which types of link exchanges you are looking for. (You can also note whether you would like this information to be included on the future poetry website which I am in the process of building.)
  • As long as you have a blog related to poetry, writing, or even the arts, I can publish your comment. And, as I have time, I can compile and update an organized list of links to sites and blogs that are interested in link exchange.
  • Later on, when a poet is looking for link partners and comes across this page, he will have a whole list of poets who might be interested in exchanging links with him.

I hope this will help other poets to get their poetry more widely distributed, read, commented on, and appreciated.

After all, poetry wasn't meant to sit on a shelf in an unopened book, nor to gather dust in the depths of an untapped webserver ...


Anonymous said...

Hi! You have a great blog here. Please take a look at this site: http://www.bibliophilia.org . Maybe we can exchange links

S. Thomas Summers said...

all are welcome to visit my site and blog!!!

s. thomas summers (scott)


susan said...

Hello all,

Please visit me at Black-eyed Susan's . Find book recommendations, view my virtual library, quote of the day and join me for Confession Tuesday.


For writing prompts, visit us at The Last Piaster for writing exercises designed to sharpen your use of poetic devices. Rather than word or theme prompts, we will focus on the components of a poem: imagery, style, form and voice.


janetleigh said...

Good luck on your new blogsite, Anna. I hope you'll find the time to grace us with more of your beautiful, thoughtful poems, tho. Come back soon! {{{hugs}}}


Poetmeister...on the road to Parnassus

Noah said...

Well, I have a website--


There's a poetry section on there with most of the poems I've written since september. I might not be a very good writer, but I do write a lot. I burned most of the stuff before september, so that's why it only goes back that far.

I also have a blog where I post poetry as of a few weeks ago. All of the poetry I post on the blog goes on my site; my site has all of the ones before I made this blog.


This is not to be confused with the blog I have on my site--


I generally just rant about whatever on there.

Now, there is also another website I have.


I want to make a community of poets whose focus is to work together to make better poetry.

Besides that, I don't know.

If you want to contact me, you can always leave me a message on one of my blogs.

writerwoman said...


Could you stop by PWB and let me know how your I Promise Blogroll is going. This is your chance to change groups, drop out, or just confirm to me that your are happy on the list you currently belong to. Please let me know.



Sandy Carlson said...

Thanks for leaving a comment and pointing me in the direction of your blog. My poetry blog is Writing in Faith: Poems at http://slcpoems.blogspot.com

Writing in Faith: Poems

Don said...

Hi, I'm looking to exchange links with Poetry Sites. My website is http://www.familyfriendpoems.com.

My link page is http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/resources.asp and below is my link information.
Please post my link on your website and then contact me (contact@familyfriendpoems.com) with your link information and I will have it up right away.

URL: http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/friend
Anchor Text:Friendship Poems
Description: A friend is a friend is a friend. What is a true friend? Explore what friendship means to you.

STP said...

Love what you're doing and I would gladly exchange links.

Poetic Leanings

Anna said...

Dear All,

Thanks for so much feedback and I hope to get more! My nights are short these days but as soon as possible I will organize all of your links onto the post.

Meanwhile, I've added your links - at least one for each person who submitted. Links back are obviously appreciated and I hope to see more of you soon.

Piercing The Veil said...

hi just passing by .... i have my blog also its on my profile ...

just click on pic
have a good day

Teeny Poet said...

Post your poems at Teeny Poet

dexiell said...

hi ^_^ i like your blog..maybe we can exchange links...
i'm waiting ;p thx

Jade said...

hi, i'm jade, and would like to
share links and poetry with another
poet who writes hay[na]ku: a six
word poem - l.1= one word, and
L.2= two words, L.3= three words.
the poem may be intense or sensual
or making a statement or simply
cathartic. also, interested in
chained hay[na]ku written by one,
two or three poets.

John Nightingale said...

Hi I'm John,

I've recently set up a free poetry submission website.

I'd be happy to exchange links.

My website can be found at:


shyeknite said...

Would be happy to exchange links.
You can find my poetry blog at http://www.knitestavern.com

Nice site keep up the good work!

Shyeknite said...

Would be happy to exchange links you can view my website at:


The Pig Pen Poetry Forum said...

I've just started a link page where any site connected to poetry can leave a reciprocal link. the url to the page is;

I like your idea and hope it takes off.

Poetry Forum said...

I would love to exchange links
my site is the pig pen poetry forum, check us out. we have a link section so just give me a shout if you thinks it's okay, you have a nice blog here ;)

Shimei said...

Like you blog, keep up the great work. My website can be found at www.religiousverse.com

Cyriades said...

I would be happy to exchange links with other authors. I have a poetry blog all about my book over at Moonlit Journey Poetry


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