Valentines Day Poems Wanted

Free Poems

Valentines Day Poems Wanted

Valentines Day is coming up and people will be looking for free poems for their Valetines cards.

Any submissions?

In the meanwhile we do have our Free Love Poems, in case you are looking for a poem for Valentines Day.


S. Thomas Summers said...

perhaps i'll leave one soon. i hope you're well.

Dav DiDi said...

Yesterday is pain,
Today is cloudy,
This is my world,
Till I met you.

How to publish valentine's day poem in your blog ?

Anonymous said...

adirondack winter tale

we are mystery
we are divine

we are mid-life
pleasure of fancy

the fantasy one hopes
will happen when all else
has happened

you will be lena left
a woman of intriguing design
a woman of pleasure

i will be tadd cold
agent of danger

i will put a sunflower
in your smile and dance
the seductive tango around
your enigmas

i will juice the fireplace
like i know how to snap
my fingers or my name
is not tadd cold

you will be the ambiance
of everything tender

with a controlled you
i will underline your subtext

the flames will curve around
your left of center tango

then we
you and i
will make
a game of rapture
like we invented it

Anonymous said...

Roses are red violets are blue carnations are sweet but not as sweet as you !!


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