Free War Poem

Free War Poem

Out in the Wilderness
(Response to Where is the Cavalry)

I sleep on the ground here
Of frosty cold stone.
My thoughts are with you dear,
Where I am at home.

Cold staring eyes
Of the stars in the night,
Gaze hard upon me.
It doesn't feel right.

I lie in this darkness
And tremble with fear.
Not due to the battle
But because you're not near.

Where are you now?
And what are you thinking?
I dare not imagine,
My heart is still sinking.

I want this war over.
That the terror be gone.
I was blissfully happy,
Before it came along.

And this is a strange land,
A crude distant place.
But it's not the adventure,
Or the danger I face.

Lonely cold nights
On a hard field-bed cot,
This is no pleasure,
It really is not.

I wish only again
That we would be near,
But you live in my heart,
You always are here.

And there's only one comfort
In this god-forsook place.
A picture of you,
With a smile on your face.

So please don't be sad
You are not alone.
I promise one thing;
That I will come home.

Because who could deny you
The thing that you miss.
A loving embrace
And a warm tender kiss.

It is surely not I,
Please don't get misgivings
The pleasure it lies
Just in the giving.

Thats all for now
I love you my dear.
I look to the future
When we will be near....

Written by Anonymous Poet
15 Feb 2008

For permission to use this poem please contact Anna using the contact form on this blog.


paisley said...

what a lovely and comforting poem for you, or the love that is left behind,, to be able to feel that he is there and wanting you as much as he is...
i feel sorry for those guys who are consumed, as many must be, with the things that are going on while they are away...
the whole situation is wrong from crux to apex... just wrong.... bring them home...

Anna said...

Paisly you are becoming one of my favorite commenters. Thanks so much. I do need to visit your blog more! Been having trouble with my connection but I will manage

janetleigh said...

This is a beauty of a companion poem/response to your Where is the Cavalry poem, Anna. The tenderness and comfort conveyed in this poem is palpable.

It reminds me of an experiment a fellow poet and I began back in the Gulf war. He was Soldier, I was Beloved. Exercise was Correspondence Between the Two. We had very different writing styles so it worked in that regard. Two of the poems from that experiment are my Return to Sender #1 & #2 poems.

Anna, please forgive me if I offend you by asking such a personal question, but do you have a loved one overseas fighting this war?

Poems and Stories said...

link is up to Poems and Stories..Thnkss

Dorothy Smith said...

Really very cute poems..


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