Please Miss Your Plane

Please Miss Your Plane

Please miss your plane.

I'm breaking glass
Inside my head.

If I bang my head
Hard enough
And long enough
Into the wall,

If I throw enough jars
Around my room
And crash them into
Shards and hell,

Would you make
This be a dream.
Wake me up.

And then I'll say
"I had a dream,
You had to go."

And let me curl
And hold you.
Warm, protecting, safe, and strong.
"I had a dream but I was wrong."

Written by Anna V. Williams
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noahthegreat said...


writerwoman said...

I'm breaking glass
Inside my head.

fantastic line! The sadness and desperation in this poem is gripping.

scribblingsandsketches said...


I'm breaking glass
inside my head.

followed by

If I throw enough jars
Around my room
And crash them into
Shards and hell

Makes for very gripping, uncomfortable reading. Very raw. This poem has a lot of emotional impact.

I'm glad you put something up again that is yours, Anna :)


paisley said...

i have so been there,,, exactly there... i know because you described it like you have been there too.......

writerwoman said...


please remove

from your I promise blogroll.

You can still visit him weekly, of course, if you want. And ask him to stick to visiting you. But he has joined a new list, because it needed a member and he was an extra one on ours.


janetleigh said...

Oh this is wonderfully done, written in a fragile, vulnerable voice and excellent images:

"I'm breaking glass
inside my head"

and the last 2 killer lines. Very powerful word choices, Anna..:) Kudos!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry honey,
I caught my plane.
I had to go,
though I'm to blame.
I did it all for you my dear
but in my heart and soul you're here.
but I'll be back as soon I can
and then I'll say 'tis here I am.
a crushing hug and warm embrace
and once again a smiling face.
So hush now honey don't dispair.
because for you i'm always there.

Anonymous said...

I don't fink I wike you, Mishter Anonymush. You make Miss Anna cwy and frow things because you upseddith her too mutch.

I fink your poem rockths, tho! \o/



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