Where is the Cavalry

Where is the cavalry

Where is the cavalry
I'm all alone
Standing at ramparts
Of crumbling stone.
And my back wants to break,
My head wants to scream.
Let me awake
From this maddening dream.
The ramparts are shaking
The bricks want to fall
My spirit is breaking
I can't hold them all ...
Please don't forsake me,
Please come and fight.
Please come and wake me
Deep in the night.
Tell me its over,
Sing me a song.
Its time to come home now,
It's been much too long...

Written by Anna Vera Williams at Age 33

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paisley said...

i love it,, it is very full of rhythm and yet carries a definite purpose... i feel the desperation in these words....

writerwoman said...

I see you marked this as a love poem but with the word calvery in it, it makes me think of a fallen soldier.

Very touching.

janetleigh said...

Anna, I like where your words take me in my mind to battle scenes engulfed in smoke from the barrage behind broken, blown-apart stone fences and rock barriers. Your word choices here,

"The ramparts are shaking
The bricks want to fall

My spirit is breaking
I can't hold them all ..."

are so vivid here. The image of nerves falling apart from these powerful lines; shaking, trembling, knees-knocking together come to mind. Very powerful analogy. I like the short lines and steady clip to this poem to convey urgency and desperate appeal for the end of her longing.

Your poem succeeds in this regard.

Poems and Stories said...

Woooowww.. I love it much...I love the way you write it..:-)..Btw,can we make ex-change link to my Poems and Stories blog.Just visit my blog and leave your blog info there..Thanks..


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