E for Excellent Award

Sarah from The Shores of My Dreams has awarded me with this "E for Excellent" Award:

I have to pass it on to 10 bloggers. I choose these 5 for now (the rest later):

Brian from Brief Poems

Holly from Honest Holly

Stoney Moss
Silent Poetry

Just Paisley

Update: 6 May I have added another blog to the list:

White Rose's Garden


paisley said...

well aren't you the darling for having thought of me... i thank you and want you to know in no uncertain terms that i feel the same way about the poetry i find here... consistently excellent!!!!

Ali said...

That won't be the first E award you receive. Your writing is wonderful. Thank you for thinking of me ~ Ali

Ali said...

Anna... I left another comment, but thank you. I'm really touched you think enough of my writing to shaer your opinion...and now let's look into the mirror...you are among my poetry peeps. Your writing touches me deeply --lots I relate to --- so I'm taking you with me ;-) Thank you. Take care. Ali


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