Free War Poem: Songs of War

Free War Poem

Songs of War

Songs of war rang through the land.
Come lend us all a fighting hand

Seek enemy, and show no fear.
He does not know his end is near.

Through force, we take the land we found.
We drive him of his holy ground,

And route him with the point of spear.
And take from him all he held dear.

With victory for all to see,
We cheer to see our victoms flee.

Such is the way of stronger man.
we take from him, because we can.

Yet, here I stand, with mirthless grin.
I shot that fiend, I killed his kin.

For this, I have a medal here.
T'was traded for my soul, I fear.

- Anonymous

For permission to use this poem, contact Anna Vera Williams using the contact form on this blog.


paisley said...

that was incredible... the finish just gives me chills.....

sam said...

I really enjoyed this poem, I'm seconding paisley's comment, I found myself getting cold chills after reading the last two stanzas.
Great poem though!!


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