I Thought I was Winning

I thought I was winning
I thought I could wait -
Holding the doors
Of the rickety gate,

While the enemy thundered
And heaved at the stakes
I always just wondered
How long it would take.

And you said you would come
Just as soon as you could,
That the moment should be
When the moment was good.

Well the moment has passed
And its passing today,
I'm not gonna last.
Not another two days.

So this is my ending
It hurts me to say.
I'm tired of pretending
That I'll be okay.

I'd rather start over.
I'd rather start clean
Far from the droves of
Unending machines.

How can I live
If I stay or I go.
What I would give,
For a life I could hold.

Five years of torture,
The more good I do.
This isn't living.
This shouldn't be true.

No more "tomorrow."
No more "two days."
Damn it I'm dying here.
All I can say.


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paisley said...

since it is impossible to read the motivation into this piece i can only say that whatever it is ... i am hoping you can hold on a bit,,, as time and circumstance change as quickly as this poem rolls of the tongue!!!

writerwoman said...

This could make a great song.

janetleigh said...

Wow, very emotionally gripping poem. Hang in there! As they say, this too shall pass..

And I agree with you, writerwoman - it would make a great song.

Very very good! Kudos..

Anna said...

Thanks guys. Your encouragement has been very appreciated, even I'm not able to tell you what I am going on about! I hope it will be over soon. Thanks for your patience with my sporadic commenting as well.


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