Planting Peace

An Affirmation for Well-Being

Every day
when we rise
we can make
the decision
to plant
the seeds of peace...
through our thoughts
speech and actions
we have the power
to maintain
our own well-being
and while the spirit crushers
and war mongers
attempt to infect us
with their malignancy
our serenity
will shield us
from their strife...
for the power of peace
is right inside
our heads and hearts
gently guiding us
towards harmony
and freedom.

By Christine Bruness,

Written in 2006,
All Rights Retained By The Author.

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paisley said...

and what i cannot freaking understand,, is what about this is so dang hard?????

excellent poem,, better thought process.....

janetleigh said...

What Paisley said!!
I love this poem for its simple logic and genuine plea for something we are all capable of doing. Well, most of us anyway.. ;>


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