Sad Love Poem: My Heart Was Broken Today

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My Heart Was Broken Today

My heart was broken today,
thinking of all the words I left unspoken.
How do I heal these wounds?
You were a part of me for so long.

My heart was broken today,
she told me you were seeing someone else.
I'm happy for you, I really am.
I just wish you loved me and not her.

My heart was broken today,
There was so much we could've been.
But you're happy now, that's what matters to me,
even if it means I'm losing you to someone else.

My heart was broken today,
I can shed no more tears, I've cried myself dry.
I feel there is a dagger in my heart,
and there it will always stay.

My heart was broken today.

Written by Hayley Alise
This poem may be used for free as long as the author is given credit
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The Sky is Blue and White

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The Sky is Blue and White

(Written at Age 4)

The sky is blue and white.
But that won't make me cheered up, because sometimes it rains from the rain clouds.
La la la la la la.
The sky is blue and white.

I want to know if it's a snowing day.
Whoever looks in a house without any windows -
It's going to be very dark.
The sky is blue and white.
I can tell because I have windows.

When I walk backwards, sometimes I bam into things
Because it's dark at night.

My mom knows when it's a good day for playing outside.
When she turns on our light, and looks out the window.
The sky is blue and white.
You need it each day.

Written by Anna V. Williams at Age 4
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Love Poem: Let You Go

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Let You Go

Let you go and set you free
Free to be
from me.
Let it lie
Fly away.
Forever more
See the day
Close the door.
Forget the way I cling to you.
Forget the love I bring to you.
Happy happy you and me?
Let you go and let you be
Happy happy you and she
If that sets your happy free.
Follow the light. Swallow the dreams.
Keep the songs. Keep the we.
Hold it in your heart for me.

- Written by Anna V. Williams at Age 14

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Blogging for Human Rights Day

Human Rights Poem

Today is the day we blog for Human Rights. I have already posted my own Poem on Human Rights (injustice and wrongful imprisonment). The following is another Human Rights Poem, from an email I received:

"Hi Anna, I thought I would submit this for the human rights theme. It is about the South Central Farm in L.A. bulldozed to put up a Walmart. I know there are many injustices going on in the world, but our rights are being abused right here at home."

An oasis of peace
Encircled by concrete
The feel of Mother Earth
On our hands
Her soil under fingernails,
Worn with pride
Her bounties were many
Giving sustenance,
Freedom from fear,
A sense of community

A dream snatched
With a promise broken
Her gift sold in
Dirty back room deals
Sullied by corporate growth
Bull dozed by avarice
Smothered by indifference

Sherry Obsheatz

Sherry says:

"As long as I am given credit for my work the poem can be used for free.
And just wanted to say thanks for having such a wonderful site that encourages people to write."

Haiku Poems

This rainy morning
resting inside my living room
our block's toughest tomcat.

black & white stray cat
lounging across the porch step
soaking up the sun

Noise from the closet...
peering out from my tote-bag
our green-eyed kitty

by Christine Bruness

These poems may be shared but the author's name and email address must be attached to them. Thank you.

Blogging for Human Rights

Poetry for Human Rights

Bloggers Unite

15 May, as you may remember, is the day of Blogging for Human Rights.

I would like to invite anyone and everyone to submit poems or stories on Human Rights.

I wrote one poem myself which I will publish here now. I hope some of you will be able to contribute some more.

Here is my Human Rights poem. It is about INJUSTICE.

Someone Else's Crime

I will grow tomatoes
When you've set me free.
I will live at home in peace
Where all will let me be.

I will wake up cheerful
In the morning to the sun.
I will feel at peace at last,
Once my Freedom's won.

I have been imprisoned here
For someone else's crime.
I have lived my life in fear,
And I have done my time.

All I want, is to feel safe -
Relaxed and calm and free.
I have been good, to fellow men.
Why aren't they good to me?

I try to keep my head up high,
Imagining the day
When I will be allowed to fly,
When I will go away,

And wrap myself in someone's arms
Who knows me as I am.
I try to think about that day,
As hard as try I can ...

I will wake up smiling,
In the morning sun.
I will kiss the one I love, and
Once this battle's done ...

I will grow tomatoes in
My garden in the grass,
And tie my hair behind my head ...
And when this storm has passed,

I will sit up late at night
With cats and cups of tea,
I will live no more in fright
Once I have been set free.

I only want this misery
And fear and pain to end.
I only want a life at peace
Surrounded by my friends.

But that will be another day.
Today I must remain
Within the madness of this place
In fear, and hope, and pain.

But always, I hold up my head,
Imagining the day
When I will be allowed to go,
When I will fly away ...

Not now. It isn't over yet
I must sit out my time,
As I have done, for all these years,
For someone else's crime.

- Written by Anna Vera Williams at Age 33

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Dining Alfresco by Tom Fenning

Dining Alfresco


For a boy from

The city

Dining Alfresco

Looked pretty.

Surrounded by trees

And flora abundance.

Caterpillars and bees

Doing a fun dance.

Iron Tables

And chairs

Green umbrellas

To ward off

The sun

Looked like

Eating alfresco

Could be fun.

The bee determined

To annoy me

But a swat of

My hat

Ended all that.

The caterpillar

On umbrella top

Continued to gyrate

And wriggle

So funny

I had to stifle

A giggle.

This lunch was

An adventure

And one I will treasure

And probably


to enjoy

This pleasure.

Tom Fenning


Lunch at the Blue Star

You may use this poem for free as long as you credit the author,
and, if published online, include a link to this post.

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War Poem from Anthony

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Haiku Poem by Christine Bruness

Summer afternoon -
Mourning Cloak butterfly rests
on a yellow rose

by Christine Bruness
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Haiku Poems

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