Blogging for Human Rights Day

Human Rights Poem

Today is the day we blog for Human Rights. I have already posted my own Poem on Human Rights (injustice and wrongful imprisonment). The following is another Human Rights Poem, from an email I received:

"Hi Anna, I thought I would submit this for the human rights theme. It is about the South Central Farm in L.A. bulldozed to put up a Walmart. I know there are many injustices going on in the world, but our rights are being abused right here at home."

An oasis of peace
Encircled by concrete
The feel of Mother Earth
On our hands
Her soil under fingernails,
Worn with pride
Her bounties were many
Giving sustenance,
Freedom from fear,
A sense of community

A dream snatched
With a promise broken
Her gift sold in
Dirty back room deals
Sullied by corporate growth
Bull dozed by avarice
Smothered by indifference

Sherry Obsheatz

Sherry says:

"As long as I am given credit for my work the poem can be used for free.
And just wanted to say thanks for having such a wonderful site that encourages people to write."


White Rose said...

Hi Anna, yes of course it can be used for free. Thanks so much for posting it!


Anna said...

Great! Don't you have some "terms of use?"

(I like the really long scrolling ones that don't even let you check off the box unless you actually scroll through the whole thing first.)

Jade said...

an excellent poem, horrific
to bulldoze a farm to be replaced
by a walmart, when there are
thousands of walmarts, and often
they don't even last.


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