Dining Alfresco by Tom Fenning

Dining Alfresco


For a boy from

The city

Dining Alfresco

Looked pretty.

Surrounded by trees

And flora abundance.

Caterpillars and bees

Doing a fun dance.

Iron Tables

And chairs

Green umbrellas

To ward off

The sun

Looked like

Eating alfresco

Could be fun.

The bee determined

To annoy me

But a swat of

My hat

Ended all that.

The caterpillar

On umbrella top

Continued to gyrate

And wriggle

So funny

I had to stifle

A giggle.

This lunch was

An adventure

And one I will treasure

And probably


to enjoy

This pleasure.

Tom Fenning


Lunch at the Blue Star

You may use this poem for free as long as you credit the author,
and, if published online, include a link to this post.

1 comment:

Fireblossom said...

Ha! That's really cute, Tom, it made me smile!


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