Haiku Poems

Haiku Poems Wanted

As usual I am looking for any good poetry to publish on this blog. Right now, I am especially interested in Haiku poems. If anyone has some they would like to share, please send it to me through the contact form.

Make sure that when you send poetry you include this information:

1. Can your poem be used for free, and what are your terms?
2. Your byline
3. Your backlinks, if desired.



1 comment:

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

distant thunder-
the rain falls hard
in my dream
J. Andrew Lockhart is the author of "Tangled in Wisteria." He is a music teacher in Van Buren, Arkansas and a father of four. His work has been published in the United States, Canada and Australia, including Haiku Harvest, Clouds Peak, Stylus Poetry Journal, Wisteria, American Tanka, Fire Pearls, Eucalypt and Modern English Tanka.


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