My New Poetry Website and Blog

I am now officially announcing my new website and blog. Still in their baby stages, please forgive if you find a type-o or a code-o (that is a coined word for a typographical error in html code. I just invented it.)

Here they are:

Poem Poem Poem
Poems and Stories

Now, Poems and Stories is a special blog because it is built as a place where you can publish your own poems and stories for the world to read. You can also include links to your own sites, as long as relevant. You can register for a free account and post. We will moderate your post (just to weed out any spammers, I don't want any ads on the blog disguising themselves as poetry ...) and once accepted, it will be published. Voila! You can comment on others' stories poetry, and they can comment on yours. You can subscribe to comments, subscribe to updates, tell a friend, bookmark, and we have even enabled smileys!

So ... please excuse our generic word press theme for the moment, we will get to that as soon as possible. But in any case, we invite you to come and contribute your writing.


Anna Vera Williams

P.S. If you would like to exchange links with the new site or this blog, leave a comment on this blog, and/or contact me with this contact form.


paisley said...

hi anna...

i see you have linked to my just paisley.... blog on the new site,, and for that i thank you... how ever i was wondering if i could possibly get a link to my other two sites as well,, my main site, ...why paisley??? and another subdomain of mine, the ink pot

thank you in advance... jodi

STP said...

Hi Anna,
Thanx for the linky. I have returned the favor. As for the other site, I will register and contribute in a quieter moment.
Thank you again and you are doing wonderful things!


poetry4kids said...

Hi Anna,

I have linked to your blogs. I like to exchange links with other poetry blogs. Please link back to Poetry4kids. I contributed a poem on your blog:-)

Have a great day,


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