Sad Love Poem: My Heart Was Broken Today

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My Heart Was Broken Today

My heart was broken today,
thinking of all the words I left unspoken.
How do I heal these wounds?
You were a part of me for so long.

My heart was broken today,
she told me you were seeing someone else.
I'm happy for you, I really am.
I just wish you loved me and not her.

My heart was broken today,
There was so much we could've been.
But you're happy now, that's what matters to me,
even if it means I'm losing you to someone else.

My heart was broken today,
I can shed no more tears, I've cried myself dry.
I feel there is a dagger in my heart,
and there it will always stay.

My heart was broken today.

Written by Hayley Alise
This poem may be used for free as long as the author is given credit
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paisley said...

i had to change my domain name to please change your links and or feed as necessary

all you will have to do is remove the - from between why and paisley,, everything else will remain the same and will redirect you to the correct page.... sorry for the inconvenience...


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