Your Poems. Your Stories


Your Poems Your Stories is about a week old and seems to be off to a good start.

Since I added my stat counter on 29 April, we have had 227 unique visitors and 3400 hits; we have 10 members and 18 posts so far. And the blog isn't even indexed in Google yet!

So, those of you who are contributing, thank you so much for your participation. And to the rest, I invite you to join soon. Remember it is free and simple to register and post your work.

So again please stop by to publish your Poems and Stories at our new blog:

Your Poems. Your Stories

Tell the World

Remember: If you would like to exchange links with Free Poems, Poem Poem Poem, and/or Your Poems Your Stories, place your links and then email me at:

link2me (at)


crimsonflaw said...

Dear Anna,

I have added yozur links to my principal blog. The one that refused to die. The others stir in their tombs but...

and on that note I wrote of a ghost. I left it there on Your poems and Your stories. I hope you find it appropriate for the site.


Anna said...

Thanks, shakir! And yes I saw your contribution ... it is great! I am very happy to see you participating in my project.


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