Free Love Poem by Maria Regina

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tell me

it's half past my bed time
and I'm still wide awake
waiting for the phone to ring,
waiting for your call all day.
Clock's ticking
Soft music playing.
Tears starts to fall
where are you now?
what happened to you?

Have your picture beside me
But all i want is to be
close to your body.
i cannot think of anything
Because all i can think of,
is you.
I am looking at nowhere
while wondering if you
still come.
You're dominating my heart,
you conquered my mind,
But you're nowhere in sight.

My heart is bleeding,
still waiting in vain.
Wondering if this is the end,
Thinking that our love
is already dead.
Looking for a sign,
Reading between the lines,
Is this love's over,
tell me,
it's now or never.

Written by Maria Regina

"Anybody can use this. But i'll be grateful if they'll include my name. "
Free Poems

1 comment:

Ruchi Jain said...

beautiful poem...


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