Free Poem by Salman Zafar

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I am a traveler
A traveler without destination
I know not the way
I know not the place
Sometimes I falter
Sometimes I hasten
Sometimes I get tired
Yet I travel relentlessly
Also I travel with hope
And aspiration
Blissfully ignorant
Of the dangers
Lurking around

Ambitious, muddled and clumsy
In my thoughts
I rush blindly to a destination
Whereabouts of which
Are not known…

Written by Salman Zafar
"The poem can be used freely. There are no conditions attached. My name and email address may be mentioned at the end of the poem:

Salman Zafar
salman.alg (at)"
Free Poems


Scott Clawson said...

I like the visualizations in this piece; it brings to mind someone traveling through deep space towards a destination unknown (mainly because I'm a sci-fi fan!) and it can also parrallel just life in general, how life sometimes seems to become drudgery lined with uncertainty and anxiety. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Salman said...

Thanks a lot, Scott...I liked your kind have deciphered he message behind the words pretty well..thank you..


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